Introduction: DIY Box Decoration/lamp

This is for anyone who wants to decorate a vacant wall but doesn't want to spend a lot of money on frames. in this instructable i'm going to teach you how to make a Cheez-it box lamp. I was bored and I had a Cheez-It box so this is how this Instructable came to be I hope you enjoy

Step 1: Materials

For this project you're going to need 1 scissors 2 CHEEZ-IT box or a box like it 3 Sharpie 4 a thumb tack 5 aluminum foil 6 pocket knife 7 tape 8 a flashlight

Step 2: Get It Open

Cut open the box

Step 3: Hole Preparation

Draw shapes with your sharpie on the box

Step 4: Holes

Use a thumb tack to punch holes around the outline of your shapes and then use the knife to cut around the shape after you punch holes.

Step 5: Get Your Tape Ready

Take tape and fold it over itself to make it double sided

Step 6: Make It Shine

Stick Aluminum foil onto the tape

Step 7: Tape It

Tape the box back together

Step 8: Show It Off

Display it on your wall, show it off, you built your own DIY box lamp

Step 9: THANK YOU!

I hope you enjoy this Instructables and I hope it's adding some character to your home if you like this, subscribe to my channel what the Pyro unicorns I will be adding new Instructables regularly