DIY Footswitch for Zoom B3 and Zoom G3

Introduction: DIY Footswitch for Zoom B3 and Zoom G3

This is the tutorials for footswitch modification Zoom G3 or Zoom B3

Step 1: Materials and Tools

actually footswitch modification for zoom G3 or B3 tutorial on this site , but due to popular demand tutorials , with some images taken from here , google and pictures of my personal collection



Momentary footswitch

Trs connector female and male 1/8 inch (stereo)

soldering tin


tools :
Solder , cutter , cable pliers , screwdriver plus ( + ) , an electric drill and drill bit 5 mm and 12 mm

Step 2: Step 1

Open the casing bolts under B3 or G3

Step 3: Step 2

Open the battery cable connections

Step 4: Step 3

Open the bolt on pcb and jack on the casing , and open the pcb

Step 5: Step 4

After the pcb open , prepare the cable and solder , then solder the parts shown in the picture , connect the cable to the connector female TRS

Step 6: Step 5

Make a hole using a drill on the chassis, the position is up to you, need to plan exactly, so that not one of the holes and do not interfere with other components

Step 7: Step 6

Post a TRS connector on the casing and reassemble your effect , do not forget isolation trs conectornya , not to be connected to ground

Step 8: Step 7

Now make a hole in the casing footswitch , with an electric drill and drill bit 12mm
and Create a connection to the footswitch

Step 9: Step 8

assembly the footswitch to the casing , and the footswitch is ready for use

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    Question 1 year ago

    Hi momon_crot, I found your instructables very clear (I have a zoom g3x and I am willing to do this mod too), especially step 7 where you show ho to connect the switches to the plug. From ashbass website there are also other mods (tap/rhythm - bank - scroll); as far as you know, do you think that working as you show in this instructable will work also for other mods? Thanks for your attention


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job,

    ini dimana mas, saya gigin salam kenal..