Introduction: DIY Mobile Jacket

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Hi all, i discovered this amazing website only 3 months ago...and it was like a Bingo moment for me!!

This is my first post here and i thought to share the very first DYI i made.

it is pretty easy dyi for iphone case or cover, i made 2 of them as a birthday present to my friend in last December and she was blown away, quite the reaction I was looking for =)

First cover, I simply super glued a cool statement on the back of a blue Iphone case.

The second one took me almost 2 days to finish, only because I am not that good with stitching and I hastily get bored .
I made an Iphon pocket from my beloved jumper, I used pretty much ugly white cover as the skeleton of this case and I wrapped it with my jumper sleeve, glued the back and stitched around the edges of the case.

Hope you guys like them.