Introduction: DIY Notebook Cover Looking for Alaska Inspired

Just finished reading the book looking for Alaska by John u want to make a notebook cover inspired by it .so let's get started

Step 1: Things That Are Needed

First get the things you need
•color pencils (yellow&black)
•white glue
•marker or pen
•a notebook
•mod podge

Step 2: Making the Notebook White

This step is not necessary for everyone. If your notebook is fully white you won't need it but my notebook was colored so I just took a paper ,plain white paper and glued it to my notebook to cover the colored cover

Step 3: Draw the Daisies

First take a paper and pencil and draw the signature daisy on the cover of looking for Alaska.i just drew it personally if you want it to be perfect you can also choose a picture of daisy and print it. I drew it and colored it with yellow and black color then take the paper and cut the flowers out . Make as many as you want I made a few only

Step 4: Stick!stick!stick!

Now take your notebook,take the daisies you drew or printed and take a glue.. I used plain white glue to stick it ..customize the flowers as you want I wanted some space so I just took 4 daisies to stick it in the middle

Step 5: QUOTES!!

This step is also not necessary. It depends on you . So I just took a marker and wrote quotes on the free space I kept to write those
I chose two quotes: I go to seek a great perhaps And
if people were rain,I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane

Step 6: The End

Now just apply a coat of mod podgy over it . Make sure your markers don't bleed and now the notebook is ready to go .use it as you want