Introduction: DIY Rubber Band Gun

Today I'll be showing you how to make a rubber band gun with household items.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need the following: super glue(recommended), dremel tool(a set of files will do), rubber bands, aproximately 25~30 popsicle sticks, a pair of scissors, and/or a small knife.

Step 2: Making the "steps"

1. Mark your pop stick at 7.5 cm, then cut it at that mark.
2. After you've cut it, proceed to make a second mark at 3 cm starting from the round end of the stick(don't cut it!).
3. Make a line at each cm above the 3 cm mark.
4. Draw a line(lengthwise of the pop stick) that divides each smaller lines in half.
5. Draw a horizontal line connecting the bottom line to where the upper line intersects with longer line that runs lengthwise of the pop stick.

Step 3: Making the "steps" Cont.

1. Cut out the grooves using the lines as a template like the picture above.
Make two of these.
2. Cut a 1.5 cm piece.
3.Glue the three pieces together.

Step 4: Making the Third "step"

1.Cut a pop stick at 5.4 cm, with all sides of the stick flat(not round!).
2. Mark a second line at 1.35cm. Then, using the same methods shown previously, make the template for the grooves and cut it.

Step 5: Making the Body

1. Cut four slightly slanted sticks with the slanted sides parallel to each other. *Remember: you will use the angle of the slant many times throughout the building process.
2. Glue the 2 of 4 slanted pieces(parallel to each other) with the "step" made in Step 4.
3. Make four smaller slanted pieces and glue them on to both sides of the longer slanted sides.
*Make sure all of the pieces are alligned.

Step 6: Making the Second Body.

1. Use the 2 leftover sticks and glue on both sides of the "step" made in Step 3.
2. Pics 2~4: cut three small pieces about 1.5 cm long and glue all of them between the two slanted sticks as shown in picture 4.

Step 7: Making the Second Body Cont.

1. Make three pieces with the same slanted angle and glue them together.
2. Glue the piece made in the step above to the main frame as shown in picture 4(make sure the pieces across each other are parallel to one another).

Step 8: Finishing the Second Body

1. Make 6 additional slanted pieces.
2. Glue the sticks in the way shown in picture 2. *Notice how the sticks are not touching the grooves.

Step 9: Joining the Two Frames(Almost Done!)

1. (This part is hard to explain, so try to really understand the pictures)

Step 10: Finished!

1. Cut a little notch at the nose end of the ruuber band gun and you're done!
2. By now, you should have a little bit of wood sticking out at the back of the rubber band gun. Simply sand it smooth and flat with a file or dremel tool.
P.S. If the length of the rubber band gun "barrel" does not exert enough tension on a runner band, try using shorter rubber bands or extend the nose or tip of the gun.

Step 11: Should Look Something Like This...

Hope you have fun with it.