Introduction: D.I.Y. Simple and Wall Art/dorm Craft/lipstic Art

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well,this is very simple n sweet craft for teens and dorm.quick and easy that everyone can make it at home.when you are feeling bored you can definitely try this!

Step 1: 1.Gather Your Products for This Craft.A Canvas,Duct Tape,color Pen & Some Lipsticks.

Step 2: 2.kiss(!) the Canvas Using Different Shades of Lipsticks

while kissing the canvas be careful,you should avoid your hair coming in start with a bun on your head.

Step 3: 3.write Quotes If You Like

I like writing I add like writing 'Love' can use your glitter pens to add some sparks

Step 4: 4.use Duct Tape As Border of Canvas

Step 5: 5.Your Project Is Complete ! !

here I also made a collage of my tutorial...hope you will like my simple craft..All the best !