Introduction: DIY Smoker

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turn a old freezer or fridge intro a smoker.

Step 1: Materials

A old freezer or fridge
some bricks
some hand tools
a good length or two of dryer vent ducting
a reciprocating saw
a item to use as a smoke baffle
and a lid of sorts to cover your smoke box/pit

Step 2: Prep the Appliance

Remove all peripheral items such as the compressor and thermostat.

Step 3: There's No Going Back After This Step

Trace the spot Where your going to insert the ducting into the unit then use a 3/4 inch butterfly bit or hole saw to start a spot for the saw. Use the saw to cut around the out line and insert the ducting.

Step 4: Start Diggin.

dig out the spot where you will put the fire box and dig a trench for the ducting that will be attached to the unit.

Step 5: Install Components

Put the unit into place and connect the ducting. Build a brick tunnel to start off the beginning of the trench and insert ducting into this.

Step 6: Mop Up Work

Add a baffle to the unit over the smoke hole. Back fill the trench put the lid over the smoke box and it's done.

Step 7: Fire It Up!!!!!!!!!!

Start a fire in the smoke box and build up a really good coal bed. Put a whole bag of soaked chips of your choice on the coal bed and put the lid in place. Now sit back and watch the smoke start to roll.

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