Introduction: DIY Wallet With Old Ties

Here is a project that I have had on my to do list for awhile not. I have always been interested in alternative uses for different objects, and I have always wanted to do some cool projects with a man's tie. I finally found a great tie at a thift store and decided to make this awesome tie wallet.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to make may tie wallet

A tie


Sewing Machine

Step 2: Cut Tie

I started by cutting the tie to the size that I wanted the wallet to be. This was super easy to do. I folded the tie over on itself and measure how long I wanted the wallet to be then cut off the extra part of the tie.

What resulted was me having a basic shape of what the final tie wallet would look like.

Step 3: Remove Stitching and Interfacing

The next step was to removing the stitching and interfacing in the tie. Most ties are sewn together on the inside. My first step was to remove all the stitching so I could completely unfold the tie.

After the tie was open I removed the interfacing of the tie. While this part is needed when the tie is worn, its not necessary for a wallet and would only make the end product more bulky.

Step 4: Sew

My next step was to sew the side and the bottom of the tie closed.

First I stitched the side seam. I lined up the two creases with the wrong side of the tie out and stitched along the crease. This allowed for the tie to look just like it did before sewn.

Next I sewed the bottom shut. Since I wanted the bottom to lay flat when folded, I had to make sure the side stitch ended up in the middle of the bottom stitch.

Once done stitching I flipped the tie right side out again

Step 5: Make Wristlet

The next step I had was to create a wristlet.

I took my tie and cut another 6" up the tie. This part of the tie I would use for the wristlet.

I started by cutting completely in half vertically. Then I sewed the two pieces together. First I sewed the ends of the pieces together going from two short pieces to one long piece of fabric. Then I folded the fabric vertically and sewed up the side giving me one long tube.

Finally I flipped the tube right side out.

Step 6: Sew Together

The next step was to sew the wristlet onto the wallet and create a second pocket in the process.

I started by folding the tie into the place where I wanted the end result of the wallet to be. Then I sewed down either side of the long edge of the fabric, being sure to sew the ends of the long tube into the stitch as well, to form the wristlet.

Step 7: Add Velcro

My final step was to add some velcro to keep the wallet closed.

A great trick to putting on stick on velcro is to keep the velcro attached when placing one side then folding the pocket down to adhere the second piece of velcro, so you know what the pocket closed will look like.

Step 8: Finished

Finally I was done and had a new awesome tie wallet.