Introduction: DJ Flower Studio (Mashup)

I found the Scribble Studio project in the gallery of Tinkercad and i thought it would go well with a project I was working on so I combined the two of them. You can either just download the file or stay and read how I made it!

Step 1: Make the Flower

I made the flower using mainly spheres and scribbles as you can see in the picture. The petals were just long squashed spheres , The vines and leaves were scribbles and the sunglasses and stem were just rounded cylinders.

Step 2: Make the Table

The table was just rectangles and squares put together to make ... well ... a table.

Just make sure to make it the right size for the Scribble Studio to sit on.

Step 3: Import the Scribble Studio

Since I did not want to take the time to make my own studio I just downloaded and imported the scribble studio project ( which I think is really cool project ) and placed it on the table!

Thanks for reading through the tutorial !

If you really really like it , then it would be much appreciated if you vote for the project 😊 Thanks!

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