Introduction: DO NOT THROW AWAY OLD SAWS ON WOOD I Have a Great Idea

So don’t be in a hurry to throw away old unnecessary tools because you can make useful #DIY out of them.

Step 1: I Made Two Small Cubes From the Trim Board.

Step 2: He Removed Velcro From the Old Nozzle From the Drill, Only the Central Part Remained Alive.

Step 3: I Cut the Size of the Workpiece and Glued It to Super Glue to the Bar.

Step 4: We Will Take Replacement Sandpaper From Old Grinding Disks.

Step 5: Now We Take an Old Nail File From a Jigsaw and With a Hammer We Fix It in the Center of the Bar.

Step 6: for Reliability, Add Hot Melt, Here You Need to Make the Amendment That the Glue Needs to Be Used Good.

Step 7: For a Reciprocating Saw, We Will Make a Nozzle and a Polypropylene Pipe, Make a Slot in the Center, Note That You Need to Leave Space From the Shank, for the File to Move.

Step 8: It Turned Out Three Nozzles, It Remains Only to Show Them in Work.

Step 9: It’s Not Always Possible to Make the Cutout Perfect.

Step 10: This Nozzle Is Useful Here, But There Are Other Situations Where You Can Use This Homemade Product.

Step 11: Ну С Круглой Насадкой Все Понятно, Всегда Пригодится.

Step 12: Full Version of the Material:

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