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How to make a little pincushion

Step 1: You Will Need:

Embroidery Frame

20x20 cm, dotted cotton fabric

Embroidery needle


Embroidery floss in colors

Polyester fiberfill

Paper backed fusible web


Hand sewing needle



Sewing pins

Step 2: Place the Dotted Fabric in the Frame

take a 11X11 cm paper square.

Step 3:

Draw the Square on the fabric ,with a pencil .

Step 4: Running Stitch

start to stitch the running stitch and make a cross. tracing the dots will keep your line Straight.

Step 5: This Is How the Wrong Side of the Work Will Look Like

Reinforced Stitches on the Wrong Side of the Fabric.

Step 6: Stitching Your Pattern

now comes the fun part:)

easily stitch any pattern you like. tracing the dots will keep you in line.

Step 7: Embroidery the Square

fill the square with colors and patterns.

Step 8: Ironing the Paper Backed Fusible Web

cut a Paper backed fusible web and iron it on the wrong side of the fabric, for making the fabric stiffen.

Step 9: Sew the Cushion in Both Sides

fold the fabric in two ,rigor side of the fabric facing to each other .

you can sew with a sewing machine or by hand, just make sure to leave 1 cm seam allowance at the sides .

Step 10: Turn Inside Out and Fill

turn the fabric inside out . fill it with Polyester fiberfill.

for closing the cushion attach both sides you've just finished sewing.

when closing the pincushion fold 1 cm of the seam allowance inside and stitch to close.

Step 11: Make the Strand

take a floss and wrap it around your fingers 5-6 times.

Step 12: Tying the Strand

tie the strand with another peace of floss as shown in the picture.

Step 13: Cutting the Edge of the Strand

use Scissors to cut the edge of the strand

Step 14: Attaching the Strand

use a needle for attaching the strand to the pincushion.

Step 15: