Introduction: DOTR8 (My Custom TR8)

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I've been experimenting with making my own turrets for a while, and I think I've finally found a way to build one differently from the original that gives it some advantages.  

These are the instructions to build it.

Anyways, some of the advantages are that it:
Is sturdier than the original TR8.
Doesn't use an abundance of two-slot grey connectors.
Is really pleasing geometrically to build.  (I could just stare at the internals of the turret for hours. :3)
Is compatible with all the other TR8's.
Get the exact same range as a regular TR8.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a turret that is different.  Mount this on your Turret Rifle today!

Take note that 4-slot green connectors don't have to be used for the majority of the barrels; you can also use red 3-slot connectors, or anything that has more than two slots, but no larger than a five-slot connector.

I'm working on a turret pistol that will use this turret.  So far, I have only posted pictures of it here.  Keep it quiet, though. :3

Step 1: The Parts

Here are all of the pieces  that you will need to build this turret.

Part Count:


Green Four Slot Connectors: 40 (Can be substituted with Red Three Slot Connectors or even Yellow Five-slot Connectors)
Red Three Slot Connectors: 8
Orange Two Slot Connectors: 8
White Eight Slot Connectors: 5
Tan and/ or blue clips: 8 (You just have to have eight little nubs; it doesn't matter which kind; they can be mixed or all of one type.)


Green Rods: 40
Blue Rods: 8
White Rods: 8

Keep in mind that it's possible to substitute many things for this turret.  If you don't have enough pieces: experiment!

Step 2: The First Layers

In these steps, you'll build the energy transfer or mini firing pin thingy and give the turret structural support in the back.  

When you're done with this step, you should just stare at it for a bit.  That spiral pattern looks pretty cool, doesn't it.

Step 3: The Next Layers

Now you'll build the barrel that leads up to the bullet lock.  Just follow the pictures, and if you have any questions, please ask.

Step 4: The Last Layers

Here you will build the bullet lock and finish the turret's front.  I hope this turret serves you well!
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