Introduction: Ford S-Max 2007, Mondeo MK4, Galaxy 2.0TDCi - DPF Cleaning

Car: Ford S-max MK1 2.0TDCi 103KW


  • Engine malfunction appeared on the dashboard
  • Car lost the power
  • Diagnostic errors: P244B, P246B, P2463, P242F,

Step 1: Cleaning

Story: Car lost the power and engine malfunction sign appeared. Diagnostic showed a lot of DTC´s but the main were around DPF filter. I tried static regeneration but without succes - I assume because of DTC P246B - incorrect condition of car for regeneration. So I decided that DPF will go out from the car - revenge started :-). In first phase I flushed it by engine cleaner from oposite side of the hot gases flow, then I used pressure water to get out all residues. After engine cleaner I tried gasoline - just to flush out particles but it seemed to me as a wasting so I ignited it :-). The problem is I was not able to keep fire inside of the filter so this phase was more or less contraproductive because soot appeared on the filter surface :-(. Then we used propane together with compressed air. This increased temperature a lot and most of the water vaporized out and soot was burnt. Last step was set filter back to the car, adapt DPF filter and initiate static regenation via Forscan. After regeneration process differential pressure dramatically dropped down and car had full power as before - so success in my eyes... :-)