Introduction: Ford S-Max, Mondeo MK4, Galaxy 2007 2.0 TDCi 103KW - EGR Valve Cleaning / Replacement

Car: Ford S-max MK1 2.0TDCi 103KW


  • DPF filter blocked by soot
  • Engine malfunction sign on the dashboard
  • Errors stored in car memory: DTC P1335:77-6C, P1335

Step 1: Car Preparation

  • Secure the car on the level ground

  • Disconnect battery

  • Remove engine cover

Step 2: EGR Removal and Cleaning

Changing or cleaning of EGR (AGR) Valve on my Ford S-Max 2007 TDCi 103KW.
PCM DTC P1335:77-6C Kód: P1335 - Minimální doraz snímače polohy EGR