Introduction: Jerry Can Bar DIY


  • Jerry can
  • Bottle with good drink
  • Edge guards
  • Screws, nuts, hinges, losk, chain, hanger
  • Wood plank or plywood (in my case 200cmX15cmX2cm)
  • Lackquer for wood
  • Paint
  • Rubber cicrles for holding of glasses


  • Angle grinder
  • Sand paper
  • Tape measure
  • Jigsaw
  • Heat gun
  • Basic tools as screwdriver etc

Step 1: Designing

According to the bottle for which will be jerrycan used I started with designing of bottle ang glasses holder. Then I started with cutting of jerrycan for the main door.

Step 2: Cutting of Wood Plank, Aging by Heat Gun, Painting

Based on desing I cut wood plank and tried to assembly it together. Then I tested if it fits to the jerrycan. When it was successfull I aged it by heatgun and painted it by lackquer.

Step 3: Jerrycan Assembly, Painting

What to say.... Assembly and painting

Step 4: Finish

Insertion of bottle and glasses holder to the jerrycan and fill it with botlle and glasses.