Introduction: DRUNKEN Snow Cones

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Who says snow cones are only for kids? These spiked snow cones are the perfect adult summer time treat!  

I've turned four well known martinis into delicious fun snow cones! 

These are the flavors I created:  Appletini Snow Cone, Classic Manhattan Snow Cone, Blue Lagoon Snow Cone & a Cotton Candy Snow Cone. The basic recipe entails infusing snow cone syrup with your favorite liquor. Taste the syrups after you add the alcohol and adjust the ratios to suit your own taste. If it's to sweet, add a little more alcohol. If it's to strong, add some more syrup. Have fun and experiment with different flavor combos. 

I used store bought snow cone syrup, but you can easily make your own by making a simple syrup and adding food coloring and different flavor extracts. For a spicy version, you could add some chili peppers to the simple syrup and strain them out before adding the coloring or you could also infuse the alcohol with chili peppers. Just some quick ideas. The possibile flavor combos are endless. 

They may only be snow cones, but they definitely pack a punch! *Please Drink Responsibly*


Step 1: Ingredients


Kettle One - 2 jigs for the Appletini & 3 jigs for the Cotton Candy

Bacardi Rum - 2 jigs

Blue Curacao - 1/2 jig

Whisky - 2 jigs

Angostura Bitters - dash

Sour Apple Pucker - 1 1/2 jig

Jelly Belly Snow Cone Syrups:

Green Apple - 2 jigs

Berry Blue - 2 jigs

Cherry - 2 jigs

Cotton Candy - 2 jigs

Snow Cone Sleeves

Jelly Belly Ice Shaver


4 Plastic Containers for Syrups

Step 2: Appletini Snow Cone

Pour two jigs of green apple syrup into a container.  Add  1 1/2 jigs of sour apple pucker. Next add two jigs of Kettle One. Stir to combine. Place top on container. 

Step 3: Classic Manhattan Snow Cone

Pour two jigs of cherry syrup into a container. Next add two jigs of whiskey to the syrup. Add a dash of bitters and stir to combine. Place a top on the container. 

Step 4: Blue Lagoon Snow Cone

So, I don't know if a drink called Blue Lagoon exists or not, but it's one of my favorite old school movies so that's what I named it.

Add two jigs of berry blue syrup to the container. Next, add 1/2 jig of Blue Curacao. Pour two jigs of Bacardi rum to the mixture and stir to combine. 

Step 5: Cotton Candy Snow Cone

Add two jigs of the cotton candy syrup and three jigs of the Kettle One to a container. Stir to combine. 

I found that syrup cloyingly  sweet with only 2 jigs of the Kettle One so that's why I added three. 

Step 6: Chill Spiked Syrups

Put the spiked snow cone syrup in the fridge for 4 hours or until chilled. You can place the containers in the fridge 30 minutes before you plan to make the snow cones. 

*** This step is really important** If you add the syrup to the snow cones with out chilling it first, the ice will melt at a very fast pace. Chilling the syrups helps keeps the ice from melting as quickly. 

Step 7: Shave Ice for Snow Cones

I used a Jelly Belly ice shaver , but you can use what ever you have handy to shave the ice. I know some refrigerators have a shaved ice setting. 

Step 8: Pour Syrup Over Shaved Ice

Take the syrups out of the freezer or fridge and place them in squeeze bottles or little cups. Pour over the shaved ice. 

Step 9: Cheers!

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