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Have you made a camera stand and that head is just laying on the ground, or even worse: rolling around and actively annoying you?

Maybe just want to DIY a poweful lamp, cheaper and better than the chinese DSLR lamps?
(no, really, $13 for the lamp at ikea, a dimmable(!) LED bulb up to 1000 lumen is for $20 and a simple 1600 lumen bulb costs $9, and an entry level ~1000 lumen lamp on Ali costs about $25-27)

Do you have access for a 3D printer? Great! Now you can make your own DSLR lamp in no time!


Step 1: Cut, Drill, Print

While the part is getting printed, cut a threaded rod, this will give you some clearance for your lens. Make it too long, and the lamp will wobble. Cut it too short, the lamp will touch your lens!

Also drill a mounting hole in the lamp.

Step 2: Inserts

Now the part is ready, one M5 nut goes in the top, one in the bottom, the rod goes through.

Beware! The bottom nut (also the rod) shall not bump out! There are pins on your camera, and you don't want it damaged!

Step 3: Mounting the Lamp

With another 2 nuts, mount the lamp to the rod. Now we are practically finished.

Step 4: Final Thoughts

First of all, as the picture shows, the rod can be too long. It will wobble or worse - break something! Even your camera! Spend that additional 5-10 minutes on finding the perfect size.

To hide the rod and the visible nut, I used some matching white heat-shrink tube. It will look like some quality stuff!

Thanks for reading!

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