This lamp is completely made from a broken branch and with the help of few hand tools !!!!

Step 1: Selection of a Branch.

Try to select a piece of branch as straight as possible.(Refer the image.)

I made a decision of making 5 discs out of which 4 were of 1.5 inch and the last one was of 2 inch since it was going to be the base and was used to hide wires and support the whole structure. So i needed approximately 8 inch of branch in length.

Step 2: Making a Slit.

1)To make a slit , try to get the flat side of the branch.(refer the first image.)

2)With the help of hand tools like chisel and hammer make the slit of a suitable width. One can also use a router machine.

Step 3: Making a Support With a Transparent Acrylic Sheet.

Cut the acrylic sheet with a acrylic cutter with the depth of the slit cut. make sure it fits in the slit of the branch.

Between each disc, there was a gape of 1 inch. So i needed 12 inch of the strip.( 8 inch length of wood discs and 4 inch gape between them.)

Step 4: Cutting Down the Branch and Making Them Hollow.

1) Using a saw, a chopped down the branch into 5 discs.

2) Using a brad point drill i drilled out a rough circle in the disc (refer image no 4). Then with the use of chisel, i removed the core.( refer image no 5). Then with the use of half round file, i gave it a shape.

Step 5: Attaching the Led Strip to the Top.

1) I used 2 different colours led strip and glued them to a ply. Attach both positive wires of the led strip to the positive of input supply and both negative wires of the led strips to the negative of input supply.

2) Then with a use of scrap wood, i made a slit in it and inserted one end of the led setup in it.

3) Disc which was supposed to be on the top, i attached a ply of wood texture so to get a plane surface underneath it. Then with the double sided tape , i attached the led setup to the top.

Step 6: Completion of the Lamp.

By adjusting the space between the discs , i drilled the holes within the disc and acrylic sheet and fixed in place with the screws.

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