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Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween movie ever!

This is my Dani costume that I created. There is a base of a black turtleneck and orange pants. To save time I bought them at a thrift store.

For Dani's jacket I bought 2 red t -shirts. I cut out the shape of the jacket on to one of the shirts then put the cut shirt over the other shirt and cut out the lining from the second shirt. Making sure the right side of the shirts are together. sew the bottom edges and the neck edges together. Now turn right side out. Next sew the arm openings.

Lay the jacket flat on a table and using a marker draw on the designs. This is free form . It doesn't have to look exactly like mine. It is a celestial pattern with suns and moons. I then painted on the designs with craft paint.

The scarf is a 4 inch by 36 inch piece of black suede fabric that I punctured holes around the edges of. With orange, red and gold yarns I added fringe all the way around the neck wrap.I used 2 pieces of each color yarn about 6 inches long folded in half and hitched through the holes.

For the hat There is a pointed top made from a a triangle of black fabric glued to a stiff lining to keep the shape. The cone is glued together in the back. The brim is 2 circles of black fabric with a stiff lining sewn in between. The fabric for the brim was glued to the lining. Edge finish the brim with orange bias tape. Glue or sew the bias tape to the edge of the brim.

I found a tiered black skirt at a thrift store so I didn't have to make one. I used remnants of trim that I sewed on to the skirt for embellishments.

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