Introduction: Darlingtonia Californica "Zentangle"

I chose to do a Zentangle style drawing as an Instructable assignment for a class I have at school.

Step 1: Selecting My Image!

I decided to select the Darlingtonia Californicia to do a Zentagle-esque drawing on because I have always adored them.

Step 2: Choosing My Materials

I chose to utilize Canson Mix Media 98 lb mixed media paper, a Micron 01 ink pen, a 2H Prismacolor pencil, and a blender.

Step 3: Drawing the Body

I did a freehand sketch of the body of the plant on the left.

Step 4: Adding Details.

Next, I added the two "tongues" on the plant.

Step 5: More Details!

I drew more details to make the tongues look more realistic.

Step 6: Adding the Right Side to the Tongue

I drew the images on the right to further make the image look like the plant itself.

Step 7: The Bottom of the Tongue

I drew the bottom of the tongue with some detail so as to make it as accurate as possible.

Step 8: Adding the "veins"

Since I was doing this drawing "Zentagle" style, I added the veins a little more dramatically than one would do otherwise. First, I started at the head and drew long lines from the head to the base. Then, I added the smaller, vein-like lines.

Step 9: Adding the "capillaries"

To continue the Zentangle theme, I chose to use small circles/swirls to add in the capillaries. I decided to place these where I felt they looked best.

Step 10: Shading

I added some shading to the tongue to further complete the look and add some dimension.