Introduction: Deadpool Shirt Recon

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This is a quick and easy shirt reconstruction that is perfect for the summer and spring. Cutting your too large shirts up has never looked so good and been so easy. Enjoy your new DIY’ed shirt.

It is time to get summer ready with this quick shirt reconstruction. It’s comfortable and has just enough sexiness to be comfortable for most everyone. Enjoy my crafty creatures!


  • Chalk
  • T-Shirt
  • Cutting tool
  • Extra Tank top one size larger *optional but helpful

Step 1: Marking the Style

  1. The first thing to do after getting a shirt to reconstruct is to try it on and mark where to cut off. Three or four markings should be fine. It’s just to get an idea of the shape that is needed. Do this for only on side, and fold in half to transfer any cuts made
  2. Lay the shirt out and using chalk and a curved ruler, if you have it, to mark a line from the shoulder to the side of the shirt. Using a cutting tool, cut along the line made. Fold the shirt in half and transfer the cut made to the other side

Step 2: Sizing for Sides

  1. This part can be do with a smaller tank or even with without it at all. Just make sure to add extra space for seam.
  2. Place tank evenly spaced over the shirt and cut along one side leaving at least ½ and inch from the side of the tank. Then fold to transfer the cut.

Step 3: Sewing

  1. Flipping the shirt inside out line up, pin the sides if need. Then place on the sewing machine using a straight stitch to sew each side up.
  2. Try the shirt on at this point and mark the length you would like it to stop at. Add at least 1- 1 ½ “ to that marking, then cut along that line. For the bottom fold over and iron a half inch hem. Do this two times to in close the raw edge in.
  3. Using a straight or zig zag stitch sew the hem in place. If using a straight stitch pull slightly as it is being sewn. This will help prevent the tread from snapping when it is being worn.
  4. From here if you want to add trim or anything else you can. Otherwise the shirt is finished and can be worn.

From here if you want to add trim or anything else you can. Otherwise the shirt is finished and can be worn.

Step 4: Finished