Introduction: Decluttering the Drawer

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Do you feel it difficult to clean your cabinate when they are mashed up?
So you are at the right place. Though, I am also not good in that. But in this period of lockdown, I have started cleaning up all the mesh. And and I have a experience of that which I want to share with you and help you with some of the tips and tricks to clean anything by following the five step procedure.

With this simple tips I also want to share some hacks for adjusting many things in a smaller space and using a some of the things to save some space.

Step 1: Collecting and Sorting.

This is the step which can be easy or even tough when you are having a lot of stuffs. In my case I had things like stationery, electronics items , some computer parts and cables.

Spread any newspaper or old cloth and put all the things on it. This is just for doing the work neatly. Because actually you might think that the things are clean and you are not going to make the place dirty.

But believe me I have experienced it myself and the next time I had to use the newspaper. So, I would recommend to use newspaper or any old cloth.

Step 2: Separating Damaged Stuffs

This is very important because generally damaged things just occupy space and and make your things look like mesh.

I generally checked the DC motors and LED to find the defective and damaged ones removing them all and this is going to save some space and make the things look more neat. You can also remove some unwanted or defected items from your goods.

Step 3: Store Things Together

Similar things should be kept together in plastic bags or plastic my case I have put all the 3D printed toys and stuff in a plastic bag and some led and some sensors in different plastic pouches. I have also kept some an successful or incomplete circuits in same plastic bag.

Step 4: Keep Things Neatly and a Small Hack

Actually you should keep things in proper way which would help you to keep them easily. Like I have neatly winded the charger's wire and even I have kept the USB cable in a pouch you can also keep different wires and cables proper manner which will help you to keep them use it easily.

Here, I had a diffuser from a led light. and a good idea stuck my mind and I planned of putting this small pouches of led is and sensors in it. This is a great way to save space. For you I might recommend you to use empty boxes. Or steps with space to put small things inside this is going to save space.

I hope this might help you and of course if you put your mind and fit something inside this kind of stuff please let me know by leaving comments below.

Step 5: Setting Things Up

Generally the things which are sparsely used should be kept behind and frequently used should be kept in front.

According to me e you can keep all the really used stuff little congested as they would be not visible.

But those which are frequently going to be used should be kept in a need a good looking my case I have pushed those rechargeable batteries and some really used circuits and PCB inward.
And I was left with the frequently used of like the stationary, led and sensors. 2000 had kept in front in a neat and good looking mango actually this procedure can be customised and used to with all stuff. I hope my suggestions and tips would have helped you.

**If I have left something or if you have any suggestions. Then, please leave comments below. I will be very thankful to you.**

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