Introduction: Decor Portrait Purse Hanger

Most of the material shown below can be purchased at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and AC Moore. However, if purchasing less than 100 units, Cosmos 5-pieces Foldable Glossy Handbag Hook Holder can be purchased on The following items are needed to complete your Décor Portrait Purse Hanger.

  1. Cosmos 5-pieces Foldable Glossy Purse Hanger Hook Holder  EGOO Jewelry & Bead glue
  2. Latex gloves
  3. Newspaper
  4. Photo of your choice (circular shape of 1” in height and 1” in width) or create an image on Microsoft Word
  5. Photo paper
  6. Plastic domes
  7. Rhinestones, feathers, necklace chains can be used for decorations (optional)
  8. Scissors

WARNING: Please use extreme caution when handling EGOO Jewelry & Bead glue. We recommend to wear latex gloves when beginning this project. This project may not be suitable for children under the age of 13 years considering the glue can stick to their fingers instantaneously.

Step 1: Insert Picture

Open Microsoft Word 2016 on your MAC

laptop. Click on File > NEW > NEW BLANK DOCUMENT to begin with a blank page. Then, click INSERT which is located on the top left side of page. See STEP 1 where INSERT is circled in red.

Step 2: Select Picture

Click on PICTURES which is circled in red on. Pictures can be chosen from your computer or on the internet.

Step 3: Insert Picture on Page

When selected the picture of your choice, click INSERT which is located on the bottom right side of dialog box. The INSERT button is circled on STEP 3.

Step 4: Enter 1" Measurements

Click picture to highlight the photo. In the PICTURE FORMAT tab located on top of your screen, enter the number 1 to represent one inch in vertical dimension and enter the number 1 again for horizontal dimension of photo.

Step 5: Uncheck Lock Aspect Ratio

Uncheck the box located next to both measurements of the vertical and horizontal dimensions to photo.

Step 6: Crop the Picture

After you have resized image to 1”. Now, click CROP again which is located to the left of the numerical measurements section of the PICTURE FORMAT tab. CROP is circled in red.

Step 7: Crop to Shape of Circle

Scroll down to CROP TO SHAPE which is under the menu bar under CROP. See CROP TO SHAPE which is circled in red.

Step 8: Select Shape of Image

Keep the mouse hovered over CROP TO SHAPE so it is highlighted. Then move gently towards the right for a menu of shapes to appear towards the left. Click the circle in the second section under BASIC SHAPES. In the BASIC SHAPES section, click the circle. The circle has been highlight with a red square for you to view.

Step 9: Circled Image

The shape will appear in a shape of a circle that has 1” in diameter.

Step 10: Wrap Text With Tight Option

Under PICTURE FORMAT tab, click on WRAP TEXT and then scroll down to TIGHT. This aligns the image with the text. See STEP 10 for picture of TIGHT circled in red.

Step 11: Position Image Withe Center Option

Under the same tab in PICTURE FORMAT, click POSITION and then scroll down to the 2nd row and click the center image within the WITH TEXT WRAPPING section. See image which is circled in red for you in STEP 11.

Step 12: Complete 1” Image in a Shape of a Circle

After all the steps have been completed from above, you should have an image of a circle that measure 1” in diameter. See STEP 12 for picture.

Step 13: Preparing to Assemble Purse Hanger

Place two to three pages of newspapers on top of a clean table before beginning your project. Then, place all material mentioned above on top of the newspapers.

Step 14: Plastic Domes

Peel clear sticker from back of plastic dome. Take the dome and lay the sticky part of dome gently on top of photo.

Step 15: Cut Around Dome

Cut gently around the combination of photo and dome that were placed together.

Step 16: Complete Cut of Photo Dome

Photo completely cut off paper.

Step 17: Apply Glue on Face of Purse Hanger

Put latex gloves on both hands to keep glue on your fingers. Apply a DROP of glue in the center of the frame on your purse hanger. Quickly, place the completed photo and dome together on top center of the plate of your purse hanger with the glue still wet. Then, let the glue dry.

Step 18: Décor Portrait Purse Hanger

After glue has dried, your Décor portrait Purse Hanger should resemble Step 18.

Step 19: Side of Purse / Front of Purse

When Décor Purse Hanger is complete, it will hook on to the table by facing the magnet side on top of the table while letting the hook drip down towards the floor.

Step 20: How to Assemble the Purse Hanger: Steps 14-18