Introduction: Edible Decorative Lettering

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Don't be afraid of using interesting fonts on your next personalized cake. This instructable shows you how to take letters to the next level on your decadent masterpieces.

Step 1: What You Need

This is pretty basic.

You will need:

Wilton Shape-n-Amaze sugar sculpting dough

A cutting mat,

Rolling pin (rubbed down with butter or shortening),

A small bowl of water,

A sharp knife,


Printer and clean paper

Step 2: Find Your Font

You will need to find a font to use. Try to stay with bold fonts sans serif or a curvy serif that is easy to cut around.

I found this "New Rocker" font on This is a great site for lots of free fonts that are easy to download. They even indicate which font are free for personal and commercial use.

Open Microsoft Word and type the letters you want to use. Print out your font on regular printer paper and delicately cut out the letters. Try to stay as close to the outline as possible.

*if you are unsure of the sizing you will need print out this font in a few different sizes and gauge the size before you cut out all the letters.*

Step 3: Prep

Prep the dough for cutting letters.

Take a lump of the Shape-n-Amaze and flatten it with the rolling pin to the desired thickness. This project was approximately 1/8" thick.

Dab some water on the flat dough and place a cut paper letter on the surface.

Press down to make sure the paper letter is laying flat.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Carefully, take your knife and cut along the edges of the letter. Don't cut into the letter but it's okay if your cuts overlap outside of the letter.

Make sure you are cutting all the way through and the cuts are clean on the corners of the letter.

Step 5: Remove

This part is like taking out punched out sugar cookies.

Remove the centers of the letters that have plugs in them (A,B,D, O, P, Q, R, a,b,d,e,g,o,p,q). Carefully, take away the outer edges of the dough that is not part of a letter and drag it away. Remove all edges to reveal letters. Reuse the removed dough for later use.

Next, carefully peel away your paper letter.

Trim up any snaggly edges with your knife and set on a non-stick flat surface to set.

Step 6: Keep It Bold

Bold and edgy letters really work well for this project. There is quite a wide range of fonts that will look great on a cake.

Step 7:

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