Introduction: Decorative Letter

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You can do it with any letter


Step 1: Get the Base Letter.

1. Print two templates of your letter.

2. From the bond paper template, trim more or minus 1 cm outside the edge of the letter.

3.Cut two rectangles of the battery paper into the one that fits the trimmed template.

4. Apply adhesive pencil to the entire back of the template and paste it into one of the Rectangles of battery paper.

5. Cut out the interior windows of the letter, giving the necessary passes with the Cutter, without applying too much force.

6. Trim the outer edge.

7. Peel off the bond paper template with very careful not to mistreat the surface.

8. If necessary, sand the edge slightly
Define contours.

Step 2: Cut the Walls

11.With a flexible tape, measure the contours of the letter and cut out strips that are 5cm high and long, corresponding to the contours of the letter.

12.For the walls that have curvature, make parallel partial cuts that cut the layers of the battery paper up to half of its thickness to make it flexible. You should leave 5mm of separation between cut and cut for very pronounced curvatures and 10mm for wider curves.

13. Once the cuts are ready, check that the length of the walls corresponds to the contours.

14. In some cases there are vertices or slots of change of plane that require 3mm of extra length for the overlapping of the ends of the walls and join correctly.

Step 3: ​Finishes and Paint

15. Paste the walls and covers with resistol. 16. Sand the edges with 100, 150, 200, 400 and 600 sandpaper. 17. Applies sayer lack brand resanator so that everything is even and firm. Especially in the hollows of curved walls. Apply several layers of resanador and sand.

18. Apply comex first spray, gray or white, depending on what color will be put on. 19. Apply spray of the preferred color. 20. apply transparent lacquer brand comex.

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