Introduction: Decorative Paper Orbs

Do you have a place or a wall in your house that lacks a charm of its own? You may be thinking to put something on it, but don't know what exactly. Why not some beautiful paper orbs? This instructable will tell you how can make your own paper orbs to decorate your house!

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

You don't need a lot of materials, just a few and you are set to make your orb.

You need-

  • Coloured paper (Should not be very thick! I'm using green velvet paper.)
  • A pencil
  • Any object with which you can draw circles(Here, I've taken a small bowl for quick circles)
  • Glue(I'm using a fabric glue, because it sticks paper quickly)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Coloured Scoubidous or strings(Optional, required only if you want to hang the orb)

Step 2: Making the Circles

  • Draw twenty(20)circles on the backside of the paper.You may draw two to three extra!(Just in case you lose any). The circles should be of the same size!
  • Then cut them out.
  • You'll now have twenty circles of the same size.

Instead of drawing and cutting twenty circles, you can fold the paper twice or thrice and then cut the circle to get multiple pieces at only one cut. Repeat this process till you get twenty circles. This method is useful to save your precious time.

Step 3: Making the Triangles in the Circles

This might be the hardest step for some people, but still it is quite fun. First take a piece of circle and then follow these steps-

  • Take the front side of the circle.( The side that will be displayed)
  • Place your left index finger on the circle.
  • Then with both your hands try to fold the edges upwards where you had placed your index finger to form an angle of a triangle.(Near about 60°, look in the pictures)
  • Then fold the remaining part of the circle to form a triangle.
  • Check if all the sides of the triangle turn out to be equal, if not just try to make them equal.

Perform these steps to all the circles till you have twenty triangles in twenty circles.

Note: You don't have to be a perfectionist, it is fine if the sides vary with a very little difference.

Step 4: Start Gluing the Pieces Together

  • Take two pieces and glue one flap and join it to the other flap. Make sure that the flaps coincide with each other.
  • Join three more pieces to it to make a single piece of five as shown in the picture.
  • Make another single piece of five and then join it to the first one by sticking only one piece of the bigger five to one piece of the other bigger five(Look at the pictures for more information).
  • Place them as shown in the image. And stick the rest of the pieces.
  • Then keep on joining the pieces to it as you see a gradual five piece pattern following until you are left with only piece to stick.
  • Take a scoubidou or a string and tie knots on it, so that the knot becomes larger and larger. Keep on tying knots till you have the desired size.
  • Then place the knotted part at one side of the triangle and stick your last part!

Note: You may use a button if you are using a thin string and are not able to tie the knots.

Step 5: Voilà

Your paper orb is ready to be hung! If you have not attached the wire then you can place it on your desk or your dining table. You can make orbs of any size by changing the radius of the circles used. You can even illuminate these orbs by placing tiny LEDs inside them! Have fun!

And don't just make one! Orbs of different sizes and colours look beautiful together.

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