Introduction: DIY Back to the Future Cloth Print Using Crayons!

Back to the Future, an awesome sci-fi comedy trilogy. Many watched it and soon became its fans, and I was one of them! These fans would surely like its apparels and goodies as well, but these are not available everywhere! So then where do we get them? Why not create them with little things that we have in our house or with things that can be found in the nearby stores everywhere?

In this instructable I'll show you how you can get(I mean create!) your own Back to the Future apparel!

Step 1: Collect!

Collect all that you need. In this Instructable I'm creating a cloth print of the Back to the Future logo. So here is all that you need!

  • Any piece of white cotton cloth, T-shirts, Bags, Shirts, Napkins etc!! (I'm using a bag)
  • Oil pastels or crayons (Here I've used Yellow, Orange, Red and Black)
  • Sandpaper(Big enough to accompany the exact size of the print)
  • Paper Napkin
  • An electric iron
  • A pencil
  • A rectangular piece of cardboard(Bigger than the sandpaper)
  • And the mirror image of the picture you want to use for printing! (I’ve attached it for you!)
  • Carbon paper(Optional because I really didn't use it but it can be really helpful for you if you don't like drawing or are bad at it.)

Note: Use only the mirror image of any picture you want to print so than you get a proper print. I used Google Drawings for mirroring my image by using the resize buttons.

Step 2: Transfer the Picture on the Sandpaper

You have to draw an image of the logo on the sandpaper using the mirrored picture. You can use a pencil to do this or you can place a carbon paper under the mirrored picture and trace it over the sandpaper. You'll get a perfect replication if you use a carbon paper.

Note: Your drawing should also come out as a mirror image of the original logo.

Step 3: Let the Colouring Begin!

Now you have to colour the letters with oil pastels or crayons only!

Colour everything yellow first and then shade using orange. Use red for darker regions.

Use a sharp black colour for the outlines.

You are halfway done!!

Step 4: Placement

If you are using a T-shirt or a bag, place the cardboard inside it. The cardboard prevents the colours from the reaching the back and spoiling it.

Place you drawing(artwork!) on the cloth wherever you want the print to be (Make sure that the cardboard is underneath, if not you can adjust it). Once you are happy with the place, flip over the sandpaper so that your drawing is in contact with the cloth and place a fully opened paper napkin over it.

Step 5: Let the Heat Grow!

It's now time for you take your electric iron and start ironing on the paper napkin. Be sure that the sandpaper underneath doesn't move.

Iron carefully on each and every corner for about 10 minutes on moderate heat. Do not miss out any corner, or you'll have ugly blank patches between your logo!

Note: If you have a steam iron, make sure you remove all the water from it before ironing the sandpaper.

Step 6: Done!

Now remove the sandpaper from the cloth slowly and there you have a nice, retro looking print of the Back to the Future logo! You can use this technique to make different apparels and gifts for your loved ones! I like this technique because it gives a nice shady effect along with a beautiful texture to your clothes.

I am using my bag to store my old books.

I hope you liked this instructable! Enjoy!

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