Introduction: Decorative Paper Snowflakes (6 Pointed)

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Do you want to make some simple Christmas decorations?This instructable will guide you to make some simple snowflake decorations for your home.These look very pretty when hung.Use these snowflakes to hang or stick somewhere.Whatever you do these are absolutely amazing and good looking.But,remember these are six pointed snowflakes.You can't replicate an eight pointed snowflakes using the trick.But, many of the natural snowflakes are also six pointed.And,there are many, many and many patterns to try out.

So,what are you waiting for? Grab your stuff and start working!


1.Paper(A key for the project)



4.Threads(For hanging the snowflakes)

Step 1: Video Explanation

See the video until the end,so that you have an idea of making a snowflake.Continue reading the instructable to get more information,more patterns and even how you can replicate a real snowflake and much more.

Step 2: The "triangular" Part

To make a basic snowflake you need a square.A larger square results a larger snowflake.The dimension of square I used was 10.5 cm for a medium and a perfect sized snowflake.But,if you take smaller squares it will be tuff for trimming the pattern as it is a bit thick when folded.

When you've decided a dimesion for the square,start by foldind the square diagonally from the corner of it. Now,you get a triangle.Fold it into another half to form a smaller triangle.

Step 3: "Third" Step

This is the tricky part of the instructable.Divide the produced triangle into Thirds.That's a little difficult,but adjust the creases a little bit until it forms a third.Now,fold one third of the triangle and flip to the other side.Fold again,and you'll see a V like structure. Also,see that the left and right edges of the paper are matched up.

Step 4: All in One

See the image to understand how I folded the paper to form a V shape.Then you can procced to the next step.

Step 5: Pattern Making

The next step is to shape the triangle and form patterns.There are several patterns provided.Draw the pattern on the folded part. Mark the spaces to be trimmed off and cut them.Cut them very carefully.Unfold the pattern gently.Now, it forms a complete snowflake.Yes,you did it!

Rules to be followed:

1.Don't draw the pattern beyond the given line in image 5.

2.Remember,while drawing a pattern you must join the left and right side of the paper.Or else,the snowflake won't be formed.

3.When you unfold the paper, sometimes the shapes might not be correctly shaped.They're a bit different,but that's negligible.

4.When you unfold the pattern, the creases would still be on the snowflakes. To get a flat and a clean snowflake, you can simply place it under a weight or just iron it.

Step 6: More Patterns!

These are some other fun patterns to make.

Check them out!


When you draw the pattern on the V shaped structure (which you have did that earlier) you're drawing one by twelfth part of the full snowflake.

In simple words,take one slice of the snowflake (Let's imagine tht the six sides are six slices.) and cut it into half.That is the part/pattern which you are drawing on the folded part.When you unfold that part you're going to get the full snowflake. Well,This is a bit complicate to understand,but go through the starting lines and the images,and youre gonna get it. And with the same trick you can replicate a six pointed snowflake.Yes!You can even copy a real snowflake on to a paper yourself!

Step 8: Finishing Touches and Tips

There's one last thing to finish off your creation.

The next step is to hang. I generally use a thread to hang them,but that's according to your interest.

How to use them:

You can hang or tape it to a window or a door or any place you like. Why not stick on a gift box? Or turn them into a beautiful garland! Or.....hang it to your christmas tree as an ornament!

Extra step:Decorating a snowflake:

You might think that the snowflakes are plain and something like that.I generally like them to be plain and in most of the cases it a color opposite to the wall. You can decorate these as per your wish.

1.Use a color paper for making the snowflake: You can use a color paper instea of a plain paper.But the main reason I haven't used color papers is because they are thick when folded.So,when you finished up drawing the patterns and when you start cutting, the thick paper makes cutting the paper difficult.So,if you have a thin color paper,yes you can proceed.

2.Paint:If you want the snowflake to be colorful,go with color papers(why wasting time painting?).But if you are a proffesional and you can take the snowflake to another level,that's a great idea.

3.Doooodle!:Take your pen/marker and start doodling.Draw different geometric shapes,line and the stuff you like.

That's it.Now it's your time to make your version of a budget friendly, and eco friendly snowflakes .

Have a great Christmas and....

....Thank you for taking a look at my instructable.

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