Introduction: Decorative Snowman

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Today was so cold they had to cancel school.  Truly, there was no better use of it than to make this decorative snowman out of Legos. He has posable stick arms, a top hat, a carrot (well, orange brick) nose, and everything else a snowman needs.  You could use him as a centerpiece, put him up on a shelf, or even customize him to your hearts content.  After all, he is very customizable: you could change his hat; you could give him a scarf; you could make him colorful; and you could even give him boots.  Truly, the possibilities are endless, and you're only limited by your creativity.  All you need to get started is these instructions, so you can build yourself a snowman!

Step 1: The Head and Hat

This will be the hardest step.  The face is definitely the most detailed, so if you have any questions on these instructions, please ask.

Step 2: Snow Ball (Block) One

This is the first part of the Snowman's body where the arms attach to. Music.You're welcome.

Step 3: The Arms

Build the arms and attach them to the snow(block)(ball) you made in the last step.

Step 4: Snow Ball (Block) Two

You never do see a snowman with just one ball and a head, do you?  There's an unspoken rule that every snowman must have two giant snowballs and a head.  Who am I to break this unspoken rule?  Well, really, I would still be myself  breaking this rule, but luckily, I've saved us a headache: I'm not breaking the tradition.  You're welcome once again.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

You're almost done.  All you have to do is assemble all the parts, and voila, you have a snowman.  You did it?  Excellent.  Thanks for building, and I hope you enjoy(ed) this!  ^_^

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