Introduction: Deku Mask

For this mask you will need :


plaster wrap

warm water



hot glue gun

Step 1: ​Obtain a Balloon.....

Blow the balloon up to about the size of your head

Use plaster wrap to wrap the balloon up with several coats

Once the plaster wrap has dried up then remove the balloon

carefully cut out a circle shape and then cut out eyeholes

Step 2: Obtain Cardboard.....

Carefully cut out a circle shape and then cut out eye holes

Cut out a small circle(this will be the mouth)

Once you have the right size mouth cut out 4 more circles the same size and stack them up to create a 3D effect

With the remaining or leftover cardboard cut out 3 small leaves(they will be placed at the top of the head. They don't have to be the same size

Use a hot glue gun to glue all of the small circles, where the mouth is and then use the plaster wrap to cement it onto the mask

Step 3: Obtain Green, Black, Brown, Gold, and Green Paint.....

Use the green paint to paint the leaves

Use the black paint to first paint the top half of the mask, then paint the lower half brown

Try to blend both colors at the center

Paint the mouth gold and then once the mouth is dry, paint a smaller black hole in the mouth

Once everything has dried, take the leaves and hot glue them onto the top of the mask.

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