Introduction: Delicious Banana Bread

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A few months back my sister told me she baked banana bread. She was
delighted with how it turned out for her and suggested I tried it too. To be honest, I wasn’t even keen on trying it. Couldn’t understand why she was so excited about it! But… One day we had some very ripe bananas at home and no one wanted to eat them (well, who would? They didn’t look appealing at all). And it was then I remembered the banana bread. So I tried to make it. As most of the time I had checked several recipes, compared them and tried to make my own version of this delicious treat. I noticed that many recipes call for quite large sugar quantities so I reduced caster sugar and added more bananas. Also, if the bread is eaten with jam or honey (both very sweet) there is no need for such high sugar content.

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Step 1: Ingredients:

3 Large Ripe Bananas

½ Tea spoon Baking Soda

220g Plain Flour

80g Unsalted Butter

100g Caster Sugar

1 Tea spoon Ground Cinnamon (optional)

A few drops Vanilla essence (or Butter Vanilla essence)

1 Large Egg

Makes: 1 loaf (25cm x10cm Loaf Tin)

Time: Preparation: 10-15 minutes, Baking: 1 hour (or until an inserted skewer comes out clean)

Step 2: Method:

Cut the bananas into small pieces, place them in a medium bowl. Mash them using a fork.

Add one large egg, beaten with a fork. Mix well.

Add baking soda, caster sugar, melted butter, vanilla essence and cinnamon (if using) & mix well.

At last, add the flour. If you want to get really smooth batter, use hand mixer.

Pour the batter into a loaf tin lined with baking paper.

Place in a preheated oven and bake at 180⁰C for 1 hour or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.

Serve with jam, honey or butter.

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