Introduction: Dell XPS 630i Case MOD

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I have never completed a case MOD before for my very own PC. Being a budget gamer whenever i had a lil extra money was putting it into performance upgrade. Now m pretty done with gaming so now itÂ’s time to finally mod a case for myself.M not a professional Modder i mean i have limited experience and tools. But i love the process.Among all the cases i have ever seen or worked on i found the Dell XPS 710,730, 630 and 630i to be perfect for my taste appearance wise.These are not that expensive and are very very solid beasts. A lil hard to find and shipping costs a lot due to their weight.After years and years of searching in my local city i finally got it shipped from a different city.

Tools Required

  • Pliers
  • Drill machine (2mm to 5mm drill bits)
  • Spray paint
  • Screwdriver set
  • Cutting disc 1" or metal saw. ( you can use dremel or drill for the disc )

The skill level required is 6 to have similar or better result on the scale of 1-10 with the prescribed tools

Step 1: It Looks Simple But It Aint

From the pics it looks like just a case with the guts removed and painted black. But someone who has been with the DELL's XPS chassis will know that the case opens from right side rather than left side and the motherboard is installed upside down and those were the 2 things that were totally unacceptable.

So i started with looking at everything in detail and planning out.

Step 2: Everything Apart

Now to correct the orientation there was no other way but to disassemble everything apart. And i mean every thing. With some parts and changed orientation the wholes were not aligning as expected so drilled new ones. Later i can rivet em or join em with nuts n bolts.

Step 3: Getting Closer

As i removed the original motherboard tray i had to come up with an idea to either create new one or to use what i had. I decided to use the case side panel as the tray. Used and old ATX motherboard to trace out the holes. Drilled em and installed the stand offs. The main part or the difficult part is done. Next its just finishing and fun

Step 4: Final Looks