Introduction: Deluxe Cat Bed

Cats will lay in or on anything new in their environment, especially any paper that human beings show the slightest interest in: newspaper, bills, or the receipts you need to organize to submit an expense report for your recent business trip…

Decker here is the king of the "lay on your stuff while you're trying to get things done" brand of cats. Wrapping presents with him loose in the house is absolutely impossible.

I’ve brought pillows, cushions, pet beds, you name it into my office for my pet's comfort and they universally shun them, so I decided to perform this experiment in cat psychology which led to a surprisingly successful technique for managing Decker's penchant for laying on whatever I'm working on.

Check it out!


  1. A computer with connection to the internet
  2. A printer (color or black and white)

Step 1: Select Design

Using an internet browser I use this thing called Google to search for a design I think will be the most comfortable for my cat Decker, but you can search any collection of images (e.g. Pinterest, eBay, Amazon...)

Step 2: View Image

When you find one you like, get a good look at it by right clicking on the image and clicking "View Image"

Step 3: Print the Bed

Once you've found the perfect design and you can have a good full window look at it, click Print and print it.

Step 4: Examine the Print Closely

This is a crucial step that must not be overlooked. Loudly and with a lot of flourish, pick up the paper and examine it very closely in front of your cat. It is vital that the animal see how important it is for you to see the paper... to the point where they feel jealous of the attention you are giving it.

Step 5: Place Your New Cat Bed Nearby

Place the cat bed nearby, while your focus remains clearly on the paper.

Location is critical: It should be within the cat's field of view, out of your way, yet near enough to you and your cat that they can move there without expending too much of their precious feline energy.

Step 6: Wait and Watch

Wait and watch as your curious, slightly jealous, and mischievous little friend gets their butt off your pile of expense report receipts, strolls over, investigates, and eventually settles into their new Deluxe Cat Bed!

Step 7: Reuse Again and Again

I'm not kidding.

Every day now we have a routine: In the morning as I get to work using the computer and talking on conference calls he comes over and has to get in the middle of everything, rubbing my face or laying on my computer. All I have to do is pick up his "bed" with a theatrical flourish, give it a few seconds of undivided attention as if recharging its cat drawing power with my very eyes, and place it on the desk. I'm serious, it works every time, he tiptoes over and lays down on it.

I hope your feline buddy likes their new Deluxe Cat Bed as much as Decker loves his, and good luck with whatever you are trying to get done!

Step 8:

Bonus pictures of Decker in and on stuff.