Introduction: Denim Placemats

You will need:

Old blue jeans in reasonable shape--not stained or dirty, or new denim

Jean pockets, 1 or more depending on how many mats you want to make

Scissors, thread, pins, hand sewing needle, tape measure, ruler, cutting mat and cutter(if you have these last two, if not, cut as straight as you can by marking the backside of the fabric with a white pencil and cut on the line you have drawn), sewing machine

Step 1: Denim Pocket Placemats

Use a ready made placemat as a guide for size, or make them to your own preference. Cut 2 pieces of denim the same size for each mat. Cut around 1 pocket from an old pair of jeans for each mat. Sew pocket at right hand side of one piece of denim, not too close to edge as there will be a seam. Take the piece you just sewed the pocket on and put it pocket side down on top of a second piece of denim (right sides together) and pin together, leaving a small opening for turning right side out. Stitch close to edges and turn right side out and hand stitch opening closed. Press. Repeat for 3 more mats to make a set of 4.

If you are using new denim, wash it first to prevent shrinkage and to get any excess dye out. I used denim from old jeans and the finished size of each one was 12"x16". Embellished jean pockets jazz these up a bit too. These mats wash super well and last for years.

That's it! Enjoy this simple project which will have your friends asking--"where can I get some of these??!!"

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