Introduction: Description

I made this mousetrap car because I wanted to have fun with science and see what a mousetrap can do instead of trapping rats. I discovered something called the mousetrap car, and i thought,"Lets see how this car works". So I made it on my own getting materials and having trouble with it till I got it right. I found out how the mousetrap works on the wheels and how it's pretty much the engine. Science is really amazing.

Step 1: Materials

For this model, you will need to have the following...
Four CDs or a type of disc, 1 mousetrap, 2 bbq skewers, 1 pair of scissors, 1 glue gun, 2 pieces of 12-15 inch cardboard, paper (any color), at least 2 straws, 1 box cutter, 1 construction mat for box cutting to be safe, and 1 13-15 inch of string

Step 2: Cardboard/Car Body

You will need to glue the two cardboards together on top of each other and you will use the box cutter for this and a construction mat for safety. Then you will cut out the top middle of the cardboard and cut out a rectangle, you will cut 1 inch of the top and bottom of the rectangle and 3 inches of the left and right of it. Also you will do the same for the bottom wheels, the difference is that you will cut the edges instead of in the middle of the cardboard. So you will cut the same measurements but you are cutting the bottom edges of the cardboard for the wheels.

Step 3: Wheel Holders/Straw

In this step, you will need scissors to cut out 4 pieces of 1 inch from the straw. Then glue two wherever the bottom wheels will be connected and two wherever the front wheel will connect and move good. This is all you will need to do with the straws.

Step 4: Attaching Wheels

Now that the straws are placed you can put a skewer inside both of them (only for the bottom wheels!). Then get two cds/discs and put paper on both of them the same shape as it so that the cd/disc will looked covered in paper on one side(do this for both wheels on the bottom). Then place both wheels and let the skewer poke a hole into the hole of the disc and they will be a pair of wheels. Then for the front wheels glue them together and put paper on both cds/discs and then poke a skewer inside the wheels and put the skewer on one of the straws and try to put the other side on the other straw and making it one wheel.

Step 5: Mousetrap

For the mousetrap you will glue the mousetrap to wherever it looks good for launching, then get the piece of string and wrap the string on the mousetrap and either wrap the other end on the bottom wheel skewer or put a hook on the bottom skewer and wrap it on that and the wheels should move or launch just like that.

Step 6: Conclusion

This mousetrap car was an amazing creation and it showed how science once again strikes. I always liked science and hated the struggle but at the end it was worth a discovery. What this mousetrap car showed me was that mousetraps can’t just trap rats, they can also launch energy as a vehicle and make it another step to the future and life. (Forgot to mention that you can decorate your mousetrap in your own way)