Design Project- Mia Sosa

Introduction: Design Project- Mia Sosa

My goal was to make a stain remover that you can always carry around just in case because some peoplr get dirty all the time and have to go on a special event and then you have a big stain on your cloths so the product that I made is supposed to remove this stain.

The items you are going to use are


-Baking soda

-Lime juice

Step 1:

I first added vinegar to the bottle

Step 2:

I then added lime juice to the bottle.

Step 3:

I finally added the baking soda and closed it up really fast.

Step 4:

then after I closed the bottle I tried out my product and it worked.

Step 5:

I tried different things but they were not working so the products I used for these bottles I decided to mix them all together which was vinegar and lime juice and baking soda and my final result did work and was successful.

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