Introduction: Design a Landmark With Tinkercad

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Use Tinkercad to design a famous landmark in your city.

Every city has some unique and popular landmarks that your students will be familiar with. I'm a teacher in Phoenix, AZ so my remote lesson centered on Phoenix landmarks. This is a great stand alone activity, or could be incorporated in a larger social studies project.

Tinkercad is the perfect tool to complete this assignment because its student friendly and can be completed on a phone or tablet. The scribble tool makes is easy for students to draw features that might otherwise be complex.

This instructable centers on my Phoenix landmark lesson, but this could easily be modified for anywhere in the world (or universe)

I have a 9 minute youtube tutorial here:

You can look view/copy my assignment handout via Google Docs here:



Online Image Search

3D Printer (optional)

Step 1: Design Your Landmark

Designing a landmark in Tinkercad can be a simple and easy task with the ability to get creative and complex if desired.

Step 1 - Choose a landmark.

I provided students with a lesson handout that included ten different Phoenix landmarks to choose from or the option to choose something different and more personalized. Landmarks could be buildings, public spaces, public works of art, mountains/geography, or anything else that is unique to your city. For example - I allowed students to create the Phoenix Light Rain.

Once students chose a landmark, have them do some google image searches and sketch out their design. If your students are older you can ask them to get more precise with scale and more accurate modeling.

Step 2 - Design in Tinkercad

Have the students design using a variety of the different shapes and element option that Tinkercad provides. If they are struggling with a curved or fluid shape - have them use the scribble tool to draw the shape out.

If the students are older and you are having them make a more accurate model, ask them about their dimensions and encourage them to use the ruler tool.

Have fun! This activity is not about getting everything perfect, its about exploring shape building and becoming more comfortable constructing in Tinkercad.

Step 3 (optional) - 3D Print

Im going to 3D print a few of the exemplar designs after students get a chance to complete this activity. You do not need to complete this step in order to have fun completing the assignment.

Step 2: Student Examples

I assigned this activity to all of my schools 5th-8th graders. Here are a couple examples of what students created. Because of student limitations I've copied their projects and am sharing them via my account. Feel free to duplicate and remix any of these projects:

From 8th Grader Naomi:

From 6th Grader Melanie:

From 6th Grader Elyssa:

I hope these student examples inspire you to use this project in the classroom or at home.

Good luck!

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