Introduction: Design a Comfy Hoodie With Sketchbook Pro

I liked the idea of this contest because I hadn’t ever used Sketchbook Pro and this sounded like a good way to learn it. If you are new to Sketchbook like I am you can follow these directions to design your piece of clothing. I downloaded Sketchbook Pro from and I downloaded the images from . Since this was my first time to use Sketchbook Pro, I decided to use a provided image rather than trying to draw my own piece of clothing from scratch.

Step 1:

After installing Sketchbook Pro open it. (It is a bit overwhelming at first but you can learn a lot just by playing with the different tools.)  Click File>Open and then navigate to the hoodie image on your computer and then click Open. You can now see the whole page on your screen – both the front and back of the hoodie.

Step 2:

If you want to magnify the image to make it easier to work with, click the magnifying glass at the top and hover it over your picture. Move your cursor to the middle of the circle (see picture), click and move the mouse up to magnify the image.

Step 3:

Now on to the design.  At the top right of the window you can see a color wheel. When you click on it another small window opens up – from here you can choose the main color for your hoodie. I chose purple. On the left side of the window select the image of a pot of paint by clicking on it. Then click on your hoodie. Voila! Now you should have a colored hoodie.  If you want the back of your hoodie to be the same color then this is a good time to color it. Click on the image of the magnifying glass again. If you move your cursor to the outside of the circle you can click and hold while moving your mouse to navigate to the lower image.

Step 4:

You will want to create your own design, but this is what I did with mine.
I wanted to give my hoodie a faded look, so I clicked on the color wheel and chose white. Then I clicked on the air brush (in the window of drawing tools on the left). To use the air brush, click and drag wherever you want to fade the color. I also wanted a zipper in my hoodie so I clicked on the color wheel and changed the color to black. On the tools I chose the felt pen. I used the line tool to draw a straight line from the top to the bottom of the hoodie. And I just had to have pockets. I used the polyline tool to draw the pockets on.

I played around with lots of different designs on my hoodie, but in the end I decided I liked it without any additional designs – just a comfy practical hoodie with a zipper in the front and pockets.

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