Introduction: Designer Bracelet With Gold Plated Jewelry Pieces

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A designer Bracelet made with Gold-plated jewelry pieces with stone inlays. The bracelet is very easy to make and does not cost much. The materials used for making the bracelet are available in most of the hobby stores. There are various colored stone inlays available from which you can make bracelets with different colors and wear them to match your dress

Please go through the instructable on how to make the designer bracelet

Step 1: Materials Required

  • One packet of Gold plated stone inlays with reddish pink colored stones. The packet may contain about 100 pieces, but we do not require all. The jewelry pieces have holes on both ends for threading.
  • Red colored small sized beads collected from a chain. I will use these small beads to fill the gaps at top and bottom of the stone inlays
  • Gold plated jewelry making wire, 2 pieces, each about 6 inches long


  • We do not require many tools for making other than one wire cutter to finish the bracelet

Step 2: Collect Red Colored Small Beads

If you look at the first picture where I have placed the stone inlays side by side, you can see gaps at top and bottom between the pieces. If you do not fill the gaps, the finished bracelet may not look nice.

I need some smaller sized beads of matching color. While searching the store, I located red colored chained beads. I can use the beads in making the bracelet after removing the chain links.

I have used the wire cutter to trim the wires and collected the small sized red color beads

Step 3: How to Start

  • Take both the gold plated wires, align them together, twist and join them at one end. the twist will retain the jewelry pieces from slipping down
  • Take one stone inlay and insert the free ends of wires through top and bottom holes
  • Insert two pieces of small red colored beads one on each wire

Please see the last picture for reference

Step 4: Continue

  • Continue adding the stone inlays and the small beads in the order on the wire
  • Roughly check the length required for the bracelet and add the inlays and beads to that length

The last picture shows the completed piece at this stage

Step 5: Close the Bracelet

  • Once the required length of bracelet is made, you can close both ends
  • Insert the loose end of wires through the holes of first inlays we started with and pull them through
  • Untwist the wire ends at the start, twist and tie with both the wires with other ends
  • Trim off excess length of wire

Now our Bracelet is completed

Step 6: The Completed Bracelet

The completed bracelet looks so nice that you can wear it on any special occasion.

There are various designs and colors of inlays available in the market. Make bracelets with different colored inlays and wear matching ones to suit your dress. Have fun...

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