Introduction: Designing Planter Made Fun

Hello folks ! This project is about designing a planter for small decorative plants and succulents using tinkercad . If you wanna start right from the basics, this will be the perfect tutorial for you.Okay! Let's jump into stuff :)

Step 1: Why Tinkercad ?

Tinkercad is one of the best softwares available for designing stuff. It's easy to use interface makes our job easier and more creative. Moreover there's no storage and compatibility issues as it's completely online and we can easily retrieve our designs anytime.

Step 2: Getting Started

Go to your browser and search tinkercad . Create your account using your email id. Then click create new design and get started in your workspace.

Step 3: First Step

Drag the half sphere into the workspace and set the dimensions. Similarly drag a cube and set it's dimensions too such that it looks like a plank. Now place the plank on the half sphere as shown.

Step 4: Second Step

Copy paste similar planks around the sphere. As you click each plank, the angular scale is shown. Rotate it such that you get the required shape. And group all the objects finally after selecting them.

Step 5: Third Step

Now we need a cavity to fill sand and plant the succulents. For that, drag a sphere onto the created design and set the required dimensions. Now select 'hole' option which appears at the side. Then select all the objects and group them. Finally drag from top to increase the height .

Step 6: Fourth Step

The next job is to create a back support. We use a cube and alter it's dimensions. Then we group them as one. As simple as that.

Step 7: Scribbling

An interesting feature in tinkercad is the scribble option. Yeah we can use alphabets also but if you want text in your handwriting, you can go for this option. Just click and drag the scribble icon into the workspace. The drawing space will open up. You can also use the shape tool for geometrical assistance and perfection. You can also see the preview of your drawing.Then click done. You'll see your design in workspace.

Step 8: Final Step

Click the workspace option and drag it on whichever plane or dimension you want. Copy paste your scribble in that plane. Then again drag the workspace option in some other empty space(please take care not to drag it onto the object again). This will make the worksheet graph disappear.

Step 9: Holy Holes

If you plan to hang your planter instead of placing it on a desk, you'll need a hole which is not so hard to create. Just drag the cylinder object and minimize it's dimensions. Next extrude it into the back support and click 'hole' option. Select all objects and group them. Now it's ready to be hanged in a nail.

Step 10: Big Picture

This is how the planter will look finally. For getting the 3D print file of your design click the export button on the top right corner. Tadaa ! your design is ready.

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