Introduction: Desk Lamp Kruep

Step one was to draw out the design and measure it to scale. I made a sketch of the front side and all of the other sides that looked the same and made them to scale. I also laid out the what kind of joints that I would do for all of the joints.

Step 1: The Making

I started by cutting out the foam core into 6 cubes of the same side. Once I had the 6 cubes, I made the lap joints on each side of the top and bottoms so they would fit in very well. I hot glued the sides together and made the squares into a cube. Then I made the face for the last touch.

Step 2: The Light

The last part of the craftsmanship is putting the light in the lamp and making it a working lamp. I cut out the face so that when you put the lamp in a dark room it would have the light go through in the way the front was made. I like how the lamp turned out.