Introduction: How to Make a Set of Desktop Gardening Tools

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This Instructable is to teach you how to make a set of Desktop Gardening Tools. The process is pretty simple and in the end you will have a cute set of tools to impress your friends. You can even take it a step further and build yourself a mini tool rack or desktop garden patch to complete your little gardening world.

To make your own set you will need:

- Access to a 3d printer (or online 3d printer service)

- Pencils

- Some sort of glue (epoxy, super glue, hot glue) **optional**

Step 1: Download Files

Download these STL files to print. The rake and hoe will print okay without support, but the shovel, pitch fork, and post hole diggers print best with it.

Step 2: Print the Files

You can print the files all at once or one at a time if you are more comfortable. The hoe and rake should be oriented with the tops(flat sides) down and the rest should work standing up.

I like to print these solid infill since they are so small, and I want them to be as strong as possible.

You can use whatever type of material you like. The examples shown are printed in alumide from Shapeways. I also like them when they are printed in composite materials like Woodfill or Metalfill PLA.

Step 3: Attach to Pencils & Enjoy!

These tool heads were designed to fit onto eraser-less pencils, like the little golf pencils shown. They can also be attached to the sharp side of a regular pencil (you might need to cut down the lead a bit). If the heads are too loose for your pencils, you can glue (hot glue, super glue, epoxy) them or change your printer settings to print them with an additional shell or two.

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