Introduction: Destiny How to Draw:Hunter

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to draw a customizable hunter,from the elbow up.
Example(I used water color in this example)

Step 1: The Cloak

Slowly darken Start and make a faint outline of the general shape of a cloak from destiny.Slowly darken and add texture.We will add more detail later.

Step 2: The Helmet

Draw any helmet you want, I am drawing the one from the destiny artists reference with the iron banner cloak(,just the outline,detail will be added in the 4th step.

Step 3: The Body and Arms

This step is the most difficult one.If your arms and body are out of proportion then it makes it look terrible(like the example in the beginning)Draw the body first then the arms.

Step 4: Detail Part 1

In this step we will be adding detail to the helmet and cloak.Be creative,that is key.If you notice I put the destiny tricorn and the hunter logo in.Also,add some color.

Step 5: Detail Part 2

Now we add detail to the body and arms.

Step 6: Touch Up

This step is basically just adding anything extra you want.After that just enjoy your picture.Vote for this in the fandom contest :)!

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