Introduction: Destiny Titan Vanir Type 0 Helmet

Hey guys! I'm Ian, and this is my first instructable, so be honest with how well my description and instruction is. Today, we're going to be making the Vanir Type 0 helmet from "Destiny", using the help of Etsy and a basic knowledge of foamsmithing.

Step 1: Buy Your Pieces (This Is Easier to Do If You Have an Etsy Account)

Step one is to (Of course) make sure you have Adobe Reader. Without that, you can't view your pieces as well as the other two files that come with the purchase. Now, once you've checked that situation, go to and look for "Destiny Titan Helmets". You'll find a list of helmet PDF files with pictures of the pepakura 3D file viewer. However, we're focusing on the PDF file for the Vanir Type 0 helmet. The price is $4.40 on them all, so it's very cheap and fun from the start.

Once you've found the Vanir Type 0 Helmet, you're going to want to click on it, which will send you to the listing page regarding price, quantity, stuff like that. You purchase the file, and when you go to recent purchases, it should be listed. Click on it, and all three downloadable and printable files should show up. You download and print all three, and when they dry (the paper, of course) then you take them out and get to work.

You'll also need;

  • EVA Foam roll (The 6mm stuff will do nicely, but so will 2mm. Just know if you get 2mm, stack it thrice).
  • An X-acto Knife or a sauntering iron with blade attachment (Last bit not recommended if cutting from the paper. You'll burn the paper away and have nothing).
  • Barge Cement or any contact adhesive (Barge is the first recommendation for it, but it is also toxic and needs proper ventilation, so use any contact adhesive of your choice).
  • Matte Black Plasti-Dip (For the help with weather conditions)
  • Clear Plasti-Dip (For extra protection with weather)
  • Assorted Metallic acrylics/rub n buff
  • Clear Coat finish/Clear Polish
  • A work bench (So you don't end up with a messy floor).
  • Patience (So you're helmet comes out beautifully instead of a cheap foam bubble).

Step 2: Begin the Operation!


Start by laying down your 6mm foam mat on the surface of your work bench. From there, take page 1 and observe the page. More specifically, observe the top left corner. It'll say "Mirror this page". That means you must make two copies of the same piece shown on the actual page. It will show "Mirror this page" for most of the pages. So, you take your pages and lay them down neat and in a way that you still have foam left over. Same applies even if you have an abundance of foam mats and you just bought a 4 pack of the stuff. You'll need that foam for future bits of your Destiny Titan.

PS: I chose the Vanir Type 0 armor simply cuz it looks cool. :3

Anyway, back to the cutting process. So, for any pages that don't say "Mirror this page" don't make two copies of the piece on the page. Only for the ones that say to mirror it should you actually make two of the pieces.

Once all your pieces are cut out, your ready for the next step.

Step 3: Put Your Pieces Together (Underhelm)

Now, if you were paying attention to your pages you'll notice some of them say underhelm on the pieces. That basically means that you're going to build the helmet from the base outwards. So, start by taking out those pieces with underhelm on it first. Then start gluing the pieces individually so they have no gaps. Do this slowly and take your time, other wise you'll have a hill on your helmet piece and a WTF moment to go through.

Once that's done, and all the individual pieces are glued so no gaps are in them, start gluing the pieces together. Keep gluing them together until you have all of the underhelm.

Then, you're ready for the building outwards.

Step 4: Adding Bits and Pieces

Just basically follow Page 12 of the 12 pages that show the pieces. It'll show a 3D model of the helmet. Also be sure to use reference pictures so you don't get confused.

From there, you can wait for the glue to dry on all of it when done. And when the glue dries. Move on to painting process.

Step 5: Painting

I would recommend using the Matte black Plasti-Dip right about now. This not only gives a nice base coat, but it also allows for the helmet to be in harsh weather conditions. So, bring yourself outside, enjoy the scenery, and lay down your surface onto the work bench to protect it. Newspapers will do nicely. Then, place your finished helmet on top of the newspaper and evenly distribute the Plasti-Dip all over the helmet. Even the inside when the outside dries.

Once the Plasti-Dip dries, get your assorted metallic paints and/or Rub N Buff and paint that bad boy according to your Titan's armor shader (if you are passed level 20 and have a shader that is). Then, grab your clear coat and/or clear polish to seal the deal.

Lastly, spray on a layer of clear Plasti-Dip.

When you're done, you'll have a finished, wearable Vanir Type 0 Titan helmet for your Titan cosplay.


We are gonna build the Titan chest plate, the Vanir Type 0 plate!

and it's gonna be freaking awesome.