Introduction: Detachable Face Mask for Hat

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This is a detachable face mask with PM2.5 filter pocket. Work with your hat backwards or forwards.


-LINK to Pattern:

-LINK to Bias Tape:

-LINK to Bias tape folder kit:

-LINK to Industrial Bias Tape Attachment:

-LINK to Fabric:

-LINK to Lining:

-LINK to Velcro:

-LINK to PM2.5 Filter:

-LINK to Twist Ties:

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

-Fabric outer layer: .25 yards (canvas, twill, cotton, or any fabric that is tightly woven)

-Fabric lining: .25 yards (non stretch soft cotton)

-Extra wide bias tape

-PM2.5 filter

-Velcro: 10 inches

-Twist tie/coated wire: 1

-Pattern: Available at :)

Step 2: Cut Pattern

-Front main panel: Cut 1 on the fold.

-Front and lining chin panel: Cut 1 outer layer fabric. Cut 1 lining fabric.

-Front and lining nose panel: Cut 1 outer layer fabric. Cut 1 lining fabric.

-Center lining panel: Cut 1 lining fabric.

Step 3: Hem Center Lining Panel

-Mark the hem lines onto the lining panels.

-Roll over and pin edge. -Sew at .25 inch seam allowance.

Step 4: Attach Lining Chin Panel

-Line up notch points on bottom lining and center lining panels.

-Pin bottom in to position.

-Sew at .25 inch seam allowance.

Step 5: Attach Chin Panel (outer Layer)

-Line up notches.


-Sew with .25 inch seam allowance.

-This step is done the same way as lining.

Step 6: Add Bias Tape to Nose Panel

-You can use made bias tape, make your own bias tape, or bias tape attachment. All methods work.

-Place the wrong sides of the outer layer and lining together.

-Add bias tape to the top straight edge of the bottom main panel.

Step 7: Add Twist Tie

-Slide the twist tie or other bendy metal object into the bias tape.

-Make sure the twist tie is centered in the bias tape.

Step 8: Assembling Panels

-Place the wrong sides of the Center Lining and Front Main Panel together.

-Line up the bottom seams and top notch.

-Place the Bottom Main panel on top of the lining with right sides together.

-Sew as close as you can to the edge.

Step 9: Bias Tape Top and Bottom Edge

-Add bias tape to the top and bottom edge.

Step 10: Velcro Cover Panel

-Cut corners to the hem line.

-Roll over sides on hem line and place over Velcro.

-Stitch around the outside edge. Leave one long edge unstitched.

Step 11: Attached Velcro Covers

-Sandwich face mask side in the open end of the Velcro cover.

-Stitch along edge securing the mask to the cover.

Step 12: Leather Method

-This is a different method.

-Cut leather to Velcro width.

-Stitch Velcro to mask first.

-Glue on leather to Velcro.

-If you cut the leather long enough it can act as tabs to detach the mask from the hat.

Step 13: Attaching Velcro to Hat

-Cut Velcro same length as piece on mask.

-Place Velcro .25-.5 inches away from the brim.

-Fold sweatband flat.

-Stitch along the outside edges of the Velcro.

-Repeat for other side.

-Note: Make sure you line the Velcro strips up even so the mask is centered on your face.

Step 14: All Done!

Hope you have fun with this project!

Step 15: Video Instructions

If you are having trouble figuring out any steps. I recommend checking out the detailed video. I go through every step :)