Introduction: Detailed Wallpapers With Snapseed

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First of all, Snapseed is just the name of a cool photo-editing app. Maybe you need a new banner for facebook or your youtube channel or just a new background for your phone. Snapseed's tools will allow you make something interesting to look at.

Snapseed is an app made by Google that is available both on Android and iOS which you will need to download to get started:

Step 1: Find Your Subject

You will probably want something that has a lot of detail and/or color. Something like a page in a book, a brick wall, or your carpet. I used a wall made out of colorful building blocks.

Step 2: Take a Close-Up

Most people's instinct is just to zoom in, but that will degrade the quality of your photo. Get a few inches away and take the picture while keeping it in focus.

Otherwise, your next step will be to start editing!

Step 3: Import Your Photo

Open the app and click anywhere to import a photo. Select the photo you want to edit and open it.

Step 4: Start the Edit

We will be using these tools:

• Details
• White Balance
• HDR Scape

To control how much of each filter you want to use just slide your finger left or right. To access more options slide your finger up and down (but not all filters have more options).

Now the settings I used:

• Set details to around +70
• Auto White Balance
• HDR Filter strength to +100, Saturation to -60

Step 5: Export and Save

Click on the icon on the top that looks like an arrow pointing to a box. Next, just click on "Save" to download a copy, or choose another option. That's it! You're done!

Feel free to share what you make in the comments.

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