Introduction: DiY Computer CPU Case With LED

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So I got a loads of cardboard Boxes lying around and there came the treat. Instructables made a contest called CARDBOARD....The best Contest that Suits me...So my PC CPU was Lacking a Side cover and got fond with the pics from net of Transparent CPU cases....So I decided To Make one

Step 1: Materials Required


Glue Gun or Glue

Transparent paper like a plastic (OHP sheet)




Paint ( red For me )

Step 2: Planning and Cutting

First Make a design in a paper or in the paint of

1- How much area should be cut of

2- place where transparent sheet should be pasted

Cut a Big Cardboard Piece so that it fits your PC.

Make The Rectangle using ruler and pen and cut it off here i marked the pic with Pixlr.

It should Be neat I left a little area in the right for Support.

Step 3: Painting

I painted It with spray Paint Bought from a local stationery store...You Can use other paints also ...I applied about 3 coats of spray paint.

Step 4: Pasting

Now its Time to paste The Transparent Sheet onto the cardboard...I used glue gun to make it more simple

Step 5: Lights (LED)

So there were some Numerous LED decorating lights were scattered over here (i think its from christmas)

i removed the upper cover of it to make it slim...

Check out the photo how I placed it inside the CPU...

Step 6: In Action

So i put the Cardboard top over the cpu and turned the lights....It was so good than I expected....

So try It yourself and sorry if there is any Mistakes...

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