Introduction: Dice (From Scraps)

This is an easy project to make from some scraps. I recommend 2x2 scraps for this project, but you could use any board you want. Just make sure the length and/or with of your cut matches the actual height of your material. This is so you have square/even dice.


You will need:

  1. Scraps of your material are about 2.5x longer than the height of your material.
  2. A saw that is appropriate for your material
  3. I recommend a miter box if you're using a hand saw
  4. Paint and/or stain (optional)
  5. Dremel/drill (optional)
  6. Permanent Marker
  7. File/Rasp or sandpaper (I recommend both) (Optional)
  8. Square and/or ruler (optional)

Step 1: Cutting

You will need to cut your material so that when you're finished the length and with are equal to the actual height of you're material. A miter box is recommended if you are using a hand saw. You can also put a piece of paper on the floor under where you're cutting to catch sawdust for easy cleanup later.

Step 2: Edge Rounding

I choose to round the edges on my dice. I used a file on a 45-degree angle to get a rough outline of the edge. I then used sandpaper to finish up the corner and get it rounded fully.

Step 3: Painting/Staining (Optional)

I choose to paint my dice, though you could stain yours if you wanted. I ended up doing two thick coats of acrylic paint on mine to cover up the wood.

Step 4: Engraving

If you choose to engrave the numbers into the dice, I recommend you mark out the numbers with pencil x's, and then use a rounded drill bit or Dremel bit to engrave the divots for the numbers.

Step 5: Marking

I started off with the 1 side and went from there. I recommend you mark where you are going to put the dots with light penciled in x's before you go over them in permanent marker. You can also use a ruler to make an x centered by putting across diagonally and making a line across, then rotating and repeating once more.

Step 6: Your're Finished!

You've Completed the instructable and hopefully made some awesome dice! Congratulations!

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