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Time for Zander's birthday party again. Last year we did Skylanders and this year's theme is Digimon.

Digimon is probably not as well known by today's youth because it hasn't been coming on TV for years. It is, however, now on Netflix. If you are not familiar with Digimon, no, it is not the same as Poke'mon. Digimon has more of a story line than Poke'mon, I think.

In Digimon, there are 8 kids called Digidestined who are transported to the digital world to help save it. Each kid has a partner digimon. As the digimon get stronger or need arises for more strength to conquer a threat, the digimon digivolve. There are 5 levels. They start as Fresh when they hatch from their egg, then digivolve to In-training level, then Rookie (which is the form most often recognized and the form which they revert to after expending energy in higher forms), then Champion, then Ultimate.

Each digidestined has a digivice which enables their digimon to digivolve. This is all they need to reach Champion level. To reach Ultimate level, the kids have to find their crest. There are 8 crests and each digidestined has a specific one. Then they must unlock their crest to help the digimon go to Ultimate level.

The idea for this party is to pretty much play through events in the series. We played up to the boss fight with Myotismon which is about half way through Season 1 of the show.

I will attach all the files I made in this 'ible. If you would like me to edit the files for you, they are available on etsy:



We will need invitations, a banner, prizes for the goodie bags, and most of all, a plan for the party games.
There are a lot of materials to follow this party plan, but the most often used and most important materials are a computer and a printer with lots of ink! I went through a ton of ink for this party. Since there are so many materials, I will list materials needed for each step within that step instead of all together here.

So here is the outline of the party:

1. When guests arrive, they choose a Digivice and sign in as a digidestined

2. Go on a digiegg hunt to find their partner

3. Digivolve to In-training level by feeding digimon in game

4. Fight Kuwagamon with bubble attack and digivolve to Rookie

5. Fight Leomon and remove all the black gears and digivolve to Champion

6. Travel to Server continent and find your crests by following the right path.

7. Regroup by following whistle sound

8. Unlock crests by playing individual challenges and digivolve to Ultimate

9. Boss fight Myotismon and save the digital world

10. Claim goodies

11. Cake and presents

Step 1: The Invitations, Banner, Logo


card stock

twine or string

hole punch


cake pop sticks


Last year, I edited the Skylanders logo to say Zander's Adventure so I thought I would try something similar with digimon. The digimon logo says Digimon in the center and digital arched above and world arched below. I made 2 versions of the logo, one for most things and the other for the cake.

The first version still says Digimon, but has Zander's arched above and party arched below.

The second version says Zander in place of digimon with Happy arched above and Birthday arch below. I made this version because he chose a banana pudding cake and the top of it is whipped cream over pudding and I wasn't sure how well we could write on it. I just printed the logo and taped some cake pop sticks to the back and stuck it in the cake.

The banner this year is just like the one from last year. Print one crest symbol per page, cut it out, hole punch a hole on the right and left side of each, tie a piece of twine or yarn to connect one to another, make sure the circle with the logo is in the center, tie a long length of twine or yarn to each end of the banner for hanging. *print on cardstock or photo paper for the thickness*

The invitations are digivices. I designed these in photoshop using an image of a digivice found on google. The file is easily edited as it is just plain text. They read:

Greetings Digidestined!

You have been chosen to travel to the digital world for Zander's birthday!

Come discover your digital partner and help save the world!

The portal opens December 13th at James Lavigne Park at 3:00pm

Accept your place as digidestined


Simply print the invite and cut it out. Fold it in half and glue or tape it closed if you prefer. I used the inside space to provide additional information about what he likes and that siblings could come.

Step 2: Digimon Cards



card stock


optional: laminator

I designed a card for each of the 5 levels for each of the 8 digimon. I made 2 sets to have enough for 16 guests. The kids get the cards each time they digivolve at the party.

The cards have a picture of the digimon, their name, level, and attack. I also designed a back of the cards. It is simply Zander's logo.

Print each of the 5 sheets of digimon on cardstock. Put the paper back in the printer once you figure out how your printer works to make sure that the backs print the right way up on the back side of the paper.

Cut them all out.

I had the use of my mother's laminating machine so I laminated them all and cut them all out a second time.

Collect them in stacks of the 5 levels of each and use paper clips to keep them together.

Step 3: Activity Books and Sticker Reminders





Here are pages you can print to make a coloring and activity book for your guests. I found the coloring sheets on google and the dot to dot. I edited the tic tac toe and the mazes to be digimon and made from scratch the decoder and the word search.

The first 8 images are for a coloring and activity book. Print 4 of them then reload those pages in the printer to print the other 4 on the backs. The next image is the cover. Fold in half, unfold, stack the pages, fold in half again, and staple the edge to complete.

I found that making these full books was taking too much ink, so I made a shorter version. The last 3 images are just the activities.

I was going to give these out at the party, but instead I handed them out to my sons class on his actual birthday as an activity to go with the snacks I brought to celebrate. The kids LOVED them!

I used this opportunity to hand out the invitations and the sticker reminders I made. The stickers just have his logo with the time and date of the party. I printed them on full sheet label paper and cut them out. I gave them to each kid in the class to put on their shirt to make sure the parents were aware of the party.

Step 4: Crests, Buttons, and Keychains

We need crests for the party games so those are important, but also in this step are keychains of the digidestined and the rookie digimon, pins, and stickers.


shrinky dink paper*



hole punch


key chains


tin foil


hot glue gun

cording or string

sticker paper (full sheet labels)

* There are several types of shrinky dink paper. There is one called Rough and Ready which is about 10 dollars for 10 sheets that is made for media such as colored pencils and there is one called Ink Jet which is made specifically for printing on which is about $12 for only 5 sheets. I made some of these on each type. You can use the Rough and Ready paper to print on if you change the paper size to 8x10 before printing. The end quality varies with each kind. There is no doubt that the ink jet paper is superior, but the cheaper one will get the job done.


I found these wonderful images on google and added the bottom 3 designs. Print them on sticker paper and cut them out. They make great goodie bag prizes.


The crests, keychains, and pins are all shrinky dinks. You will find here all the sheets to print for this: 3 sheets that have the digimon and digidestined and 3 sheets that have the crests and pins. There is one that has normal coloring and one that is very light. Print the lighter one on the shrinky paper. When it shrinks, the colors become darker. If you use the normal color one, when it has shrunk the colors will be dark and muddy.

Print the images on the shrinky paper.

Cut them out. For the crests and pins, cut along the outside. For the keychains, cut around the edge and around the the circle at the top. This is where you will use the hole punch so give some room around the circle to make sure you don't break it when you punch the hole.

Use the hole punch in the white area on the crests, then very carefully, use scissors to cut the area on the lines. This is very hard! The shrinky paper tears really easy when you are using scissors in small areas like this.

Carefully put a link on each crest and keychain. It is much easier to do it now while it is thin than to try to do it after it has shrunk and is really thick.

You need do nothing to the pins but cut them out.


Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or tin foil or even paper bags. Place a few items on the sheet at a time, as they will curl when they shrink and often flip over on their sides and you don't want them to fall on each other.

*note* If you used the Rough and ready paper, place the items on the sheet with the printed side down. This makes the end quality much better.

Follow the instructions that came with the shrinky dink paper to shrink your items.


For the pins, just hot glue a pin to the back of each item

For the kids and digimon, just add the keychain

For the crests we need to make the necklace.

I used these little screw together clasps. They don't have links already attached so I added those.

Cut a length of cording that is sufficient.

Tie one end of the cording to one of the links of the clasp.

Slide a crest on the cording

Tie the other end of the cording to the other link.

Step 5: Party Stage 1: Digivices







Exacto knife

Paper bags


There are digivice papercraft printables available on many sites. I found these on a google search and used photoshop to make sure they were the right size.

Print them on card stock

Cut them out and assemble

I used both a glue stick and tape to put them together.

Originally, the plan was for the kids to make their own at the party, but after putting one together myself, I decided it was too difficult for them to do in a short amount of time. I made 16 of these ahead of time.

The light blueish one is the starting one in the series. After the kids unlock their crests in the show, they get their own colored digivice.

Ty- orange

Matt- blue

Sora- red

Kari- pink

Izzy- purple

Mimi- green

Joe- dark gray

TK- yellow

I made 2 of each of the colored ones for the kids to choose from when they arrive.

**don't know why the last one is showing up half black, its not like that on my computer.**

Now is also a good time to have the guests grab a bag and write their name on it. Decorate it too, if there is time. They will need it to hold all their goodies through out the party.

Step 6: Party Stage 2: Digiegg Hunt


Plastic eggs

White spray paint






Making Digieggs! First paint the plastic eggs whites with the spray paint. Use the kind that bonds to plastic. When they dry it’s time to get a little crafty.

Each of the digimon have a different design on their egg.

Use the picture here of the digieggs to decorate each one accordingly.

Print the fresh digimon on cardstock and cut them out.

Put each digimon in the corresponding egg.


Hide the digieggs and set the kids loose. Each guest need find only one egg. This is their digimon partner that they will have for the party.

Give each kid the fresh digimon card that matches their digimon.

Step 7: Party Stage 3: Digivolve to In-training


Plastic cups

Mini marshmellows

All it takes to digivolve from fresh to In-training is a little food.

Have the kids put their cut out of the fresh digimon inside a cup.

Put the cup on a table

Kids take a few steps back

Give each kid a handful of marshmellows

On go, kids throw marshmellows into their cup to feed their digimon.

When out of marshmellows they get to digivolve.

Give each kids the next digimon card.

Step 8: Party Stage 4: Kuwagamon Fight






Print Kuwagamon on cardstock


Give each kid some bubbles

Take several steps away from the kids and hold up the picture of Kuwagamon

This is based off a minute to win it game.

Have the kids blow some bubbles. Then they have to continuously blow on one of the bubbles to make it go towards Kuwagamon and try to make it hit him.

I moved the picture around when they were close to help them hit him as it is kind of difficult.

Now they digivolve to Rookie.

I loaded digimon music on an ipad to play at the party. I found videos on youtube and used a program to convert them to MP3. One of these was all the digimon digivolving to Rookie. I played this and when each digimon sounded off, I gave them the next card.

Step 9: Party Stage 5: Leomon Fight


Foam board

Exacto knife


Plastic cups


Tissue paper



Plastic gears

In the show, when a black gear buries itself in a good digimon, it turns the digimon bad. The digidestined had to destroy the gear to stop it. Leomon was one such digimon affected.


This game is based on Punch a bunch from the Price is Right.

Trace the opening of the plastic cup on the foam board as many times as you can. Space out the circles so that there is plenty of space around them.

Print the 6 Leomon sheets and assemble them to make one giant Leomon. Cut him out.

Lay him on the foam board to see which circles you traced have a piece of him on it.

Cut out all of those circles that do. Cut them slightly smaller than the traced circle.

Lay leomon on it again. Lightly tape him down to hold him still. Use a pencil to trace around each hole so that you now have circles all over leomon that match with the holes on the board.

Carefully cut out each circle from Leomon. I numbered the backs so that I could remember where they go.

Align the remnants of Leomon on the foam board and use a glue stick to attach.

Get one cup for each hole.

Put a gear in some of the cups. Leave some without them. I had 12 gears for 19 holes. This way most kids will find a gear. My gears came from a puzzle pack from the dollar tree. I just colored them some with a sharpie.

Tape a piece of tissue paper across the opening of each cup. Do it so that it is taut, but not so tight that it rips.

Put each cup inside a hole. They should fit snugly

Roll a piece of tape and put it on the back of one of the circles you cut from Leomon and stick it on the correct cup to continue the picture. Do so with all the circles.


Tell the kids that the black gears have infected Leomon and they must find them all to save him.

Line up

Punch through one cup and see if there is a gear

Continue until all holes have been punched.

This was probably the favorite game of the party.

Now digivolve to Champion. I played the digivolve to Champion track and handed out the next digimon card.

Step 10: Party Stage 6: Devimon Fight



Sticker paper


The first major boss is Devimon. For this fight, we played sticker tag


Print Devimon.

Print colored stickers

Cut out each sticker. *They are hard to peel so I cut a tab, pulled the sticker away from the backing, and cut off the sticker part of the tab leaving only the backing there. This made it much easier to peel off.


There are 3 of each color. Give each kid a set of 3 stickers. Hopefully they each have a different color. Print 2 sets if you have more than 8 kids and there will be some kids with the same color.

Show them Devimon and tell them he is attacking and that the stickers are their attacks.

Have someone be Devimon. I had to do it because none of the other adults volunteered.

The kids have to chase Devimon and attack him by sticking their sticker to him/her.

Each kid has to land at least one attack to defeat him, Which wasn’t very hard for them because I was winded WAY before them.

Here is a good time to break for drinks and party snacks

We had grapes, watermelon, and chips.

Step 11: Party Stage 7: Travel to Server Continent and Find Crests


Signs (dollar tree has garage sale ones and birthday ones)



long nails

string or twine

crests from previous step


In the show, the kids have to travel from File Island to the server continent to hunt for their crests. For this came, I made a sort of maze puzzle of 8 different paths that lead to the 8 crests.

First print off the crest signs and tape them onto the signs with the stakes.

Use a good sized open area and put the signs in the ground at one end of the area in a horizontal line

Across from the signs on the other end of the area push a nail into the ground.

Wrap the twine around the head of the nail and tie one.

Walk a few paces away and place another nail in the ground.

Wrap the twine around the nail a couple times and continue on.

Make the path change directions several times to make it more difficult to follow.

End by placing a nail in the ground right in front of one of the signs, wrap the string around it, cut, and tie.

Repeat with all 8 paths. Be sure to make them overlap occasionally.


Tell them all about needing to get stronger to face the next threat. Tell them each which crest they have to find according what digimon they have.

Greymon: courage

Garurumon: friendship

Togamon: sincerity

Birdramon: love

Angemon: hope

Gatomon: light

Ikkakumon: reliability

Kabuterimon: knowledge

They need to choose a path and follow it to the crest at the end. If it is the one they need, they get their crest necklace. If not, they must try a new path until they find it.

Hand out the crests.

Step 12: Party Stage 8: Regroup


blind folds*


*I bought a length of fabric and cut it into long strips to use as blind folds as bandannas aren't exactly cheap.

In the show, the digidestined get separated and all have to find each other to proceed. For this game, we played a sort of marco polo.

Find a large flat, open area so there are no tripping hazards.

Kids spread out in a large circle around you.

Blind fold the kids.

You start blowing the whistle and they all have to find you.

When they all meet in the middle and tag you, they get to move on to the next game.

Step 13: Party Stage 9: Unlocking the Crests

In the show, to unlock the crests the digidestined had to exhibit the quality of the their crest. I tried to think of games to play that would demonstrate each quality, but I just couldn't manage it. Some are easy, like courage, but others, like sincerity and hope were just too hard to come up with. So, I decided to use minute to win it games as they are short and challenging and fun.

Each game is played by just one or 2 guests. The players are chosen by their crests. Print out the sheet here of crest symbols and cut them out. Fold them in half and use them for drawing the symbol to play each game.

I had planned 8 games, but didn't play them all as not many kids attended (disappointing, majorly)

Since some of the games were pretty difficult, if a player failed to beat the challenge, they could take on the alternate challenge of building a tower of cups and knocking them down. We used a set of Speed stack cups.



cookies (I used a pack of oreo like cookies)


The game is simple. Just tilt your head back and put a cookie on your forehead. Try to get the cookie into your mouth without using your hands. You must use your facial muscles to accomplish the task.



empty tissue box

ping pong balls




Remove the plastic from the hole on the tissue box

Cut 2 slits on the bottom the box. Parallel to the short side of the box. One at each end

Feed the belt through the slits

Fill the box with ping pong balls(dollar tree for pack of 8)


Set box on lower back of the player with opening facing out.

Belt it on.

One go, players must jump and wiggle to try to get all the ping pong balls out.




paper plate

large marshmellow


Set the plate on a table or bench where it is half on and half hanging over the edge.

Put the marshmellow on the plate near the edge of the plate on the side that is on the surface.

Player stands a little away with the broom, bristles down and step on the bristles

Player must drop the handle of the broom so that it hits the plate, catapulting the marshmellow into the air, which they must then catch.

The really game, you are to catch it in your mouth, but we just had them catch it in their hands.




deck of cards


Cut a watermelon in half

Prop up on half of it where the fleshy part is facing out

Give player a deck of cards after they take a few steps away from the melon.

Player must throw cards at the melon until one sticks in.

Have the player move forward after a few tries until they succeed.







Give player a straw and a pile on m&ms

Player must use the straw to suck up m&ms and move them to the plate where they must arrange them into a smiley face.

Players cannot touch the candy with anything other than the straw.

We had them make 2 eyes and a mouth made of 5 m&ms



plastic slinky NOT metal

head band


Player puts on headband.

Tuck a few links of the slinky into the headband at the forehead so the slinky hangs down the face and chest

Players must sling their head and body to try to get the slinky to sit in a stack on their head.

This game is VERY difficult and I am glad we didn't have to play it, but it is VERY entertaining.



plastic cups all the same color and 1 cup of a different color

I am not sure how many cups you are supposed to use in the actual game, but we were planning on using about 25 as we had little kids playing.


Start with the cups stacked with the odd colored cup on the bottom.

Player must move the cup from the top of the stack to the bottom of the stack with one hand, then do the same with the alternate hand and so on until the odd colored cup reaches the top of the stack



3 balloons


Inflate 3 balloons

Players must keep all 3 balloons in the air for a minute.

Players cant hold the balloons.

Once everyone completes a challenge, the digimon digivolve to ultimate. I played the digivolve track for this and gave out the last digimon card.

Step 14: Party Stage 10: Final Fight: Myotismon



candy: 4 each of 8 different kinds

32 cups

Set up:

This is also based on a minute to win it game

Print off Myotismon to sit in the middle of the table.

Place 8 bowls around the picture.

On a different table a few feet away, place 32 cups upside down.

Put a piece of candy under each cup.


The different candies represent attacks of the 8 digimon. We used:

Red dumdums (Gatomon)

Green dumdums (palmon)

Blue dumdums (gabumon)

twizzlers (biyomon)

gold fish (gomamon)

bubble gum (patamon)

peppermints (agumon)

Popping candy (tentomon)


The players must run to the table with the cups, flip over one cup, take the candy, run to the table with the bowls and put it in one of the bowls.

Players must sort all of the candy.

When each bowl has 4 matching candies, all 8 digimon attack and Myotismon is defeated.

The Digital world is saved!!!!

Step 15: First Aid Kits


card stock




band aids

wipes or any other medical supplies

For the goodies bags, I got goodies that match each character. For the character Joe whose partner is Gomamon, we did first aid kits since he always carries one around and later becomes a digimon doctor.

I found a box template on google and designed it to be Joe's

Print it out on card stock, cut and assemble.

In each kit, I put a glove, a bandaid, and an antiseptic wipe.

Step 16: Goodie Bags

As I said in the last step, I tried to get goodies that fit each character. Here is what I used:

Ty: chocolate soccer balls (soccer player)

Sora: fake flowers and heart Spirograph toys (becomes a florist and crest of love)

Joe: first aid kits (becomes a doctor)

Izzy: puzzles and mazes (likes puzzles, crest of knowledge)

Kari: glow sticks (crest of light)

TK: toys like tops and bouncy balls (young and care free)

Mimi: jewelry and crowns (fashion and girly girl)

Matt: harmonicas (he plays one in the show)

For the digimon, we used candy as was listed for the Myotismon fight.

I made little food cards for each one and put them in the bowl of each goodie.

The kids go down the line, taking a few items from each bowl and putting them in their bag along with their digiegg, digivices, digimoncards and whatever else they have collected.

I also gave out the stickers I made and the keychains.

Step 17: Extra: Tshirt


tshirt transfer paper



sharpies or fabric markers

I made a tshirt for my son that said:


Protector of the digital world



On the back, under digidestined, all the party guests signed when they arrived at the party.

He has worn that shirt every day he could since!

The image is to printed as a mirror image so that when you iron it on, it will be correct. This is for light fabric transfer paper. For dark fabric transfer paper, there is no need to flip the image.

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    What is the name you want to change it to?


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    Which files are you wanting?


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    this is pretty freaking awesome
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    What app did you edit them with?


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    Photoshop cs5


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My son just told me he wants a Digimon party and I was like....OK sweetie, um, I'll see if I can find ideas from other people. I was thinking I would have a really lame party knock off from other people's pokemon parties or barely address his theme request. You have literally just made my day. He is going to be so happy :) Thanks for your work - this is awesome. !!!!


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    Sweet! I am so glad I could help! I was thinking the same thing when i went looking for ideas for the party. Its cool to be the first with a complete idea lol


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    Such a fun idea for a birthday party! Especially if you grew up watching digimon like me!


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    thanks! I'm so happy its on netflix now


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    Thank you. I used to watch them on tv early in the morning while waiting on the bus for school. Now my kids are all about it too!


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    most welcome!


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    wow, a lot of work put into this. Even if I prefer Pokemon this is really cool ;)


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    thank you! We did a poke-mon party for his 6th birthday, I just wasn't aware of this site then and didn't take enough documenting photos.