Introduction: Digital Camera Handle

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This is the wooden handle for a digital camera. (Pentax Q-7, but it may suit any other non-big camera). It allows holding of the camera steady and diminishes the chance of picture blur due to camera movement. Cameraman holds the handle in the left arm pressing the left elbow against the body, so left arm+handle works like a monopod.

Step 1: Components and Tools

I needed the next set of components:

  1. Wooden rod 1x2 inches less then 10 inches of length.
  2. Metal strike plate (leftover of room door lock replacement).
  3. Wooden screw.
  4. 1/4" Screw with D-Ring - for Cameras/tripod (

As tools I used:

  1. Flash cat saw.
  2. File.
  3. Philips screwdriver.
  4. Small hand drill.

Step 2: Making the Handle

I cut the handle with length ~ 4 inches. The cut angle was deliberately non-right. I selected the angle just for myself so I could later hold the camera comfortably.

WIth the file I processed edges of the handle and place where the metal element would be attached.

I drilled the hole for the screw.

Step 3: Assembling

Assembling was easy: just screwing the metal plate to the handle.

Step 4: Attaching the Handle to a Camera

I have attached the handle to a camera with the screw. Camera socket was not deep enough for the screw and I had to put a nut between the screw head and the handle plate.

Step 5: Usage

And here you can see how it works.

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